The Despicable Lauren Booth

Last time we heard from Free Gaza tool Lauren Booth, she was snacking on a snickers bar insulting the memory of the six million Jews and millions of other innocents who were slaughtered during WWII.

You may have thought she would have removed her foot from her mouth and shut up. But, alas, I guess she very much enjoys eating anything – even her foot – that is, anything but humble pie.

Here is an interview with her that is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure.

“Gaza is a concentration camp,” she fumes. “Why am I using an inflammatory term? Because underplaying the situation in Gaza and being sensible has done them no good at all.

“That’s not the same as mincing with the truth – it’s that the situation there has been underplayed for too long.

“Gaza isn’t a prison – a prison is somewhere guilty people go, somewhere people are locked up for the good of society.

“Sixty-one per cent of the population there are children. They are not prisoners, they’ve had no due process – it is more like an internment camp.

I would love to know Booth’s source for this statement. Even the pro-palestinian Palestine Media Center has the figure at 56%, and another more objective source has the percentage of children under 14 at around 47%.

“They are being tortured for their race or, the latest excuse, their political opinions. That – under the Oxford English Dictionary definition – is a concentration camp and I want people to be shocked by it, I want them to see the civilian life there.

Actually, they are suffering because a segment of their population is committing heinous terrorist acts against innocent people in Israel, including firing rockets deliberately at civilian areas, and the vast majority of Gazans are either supporting these terrorist acts or certainly not acting or speaking out against them.

“If they cannot escape, they’ve got soldiers around them, people keeping food from them – what else is it?”

It is proof that when the IDF withdraws unilaterally from territory captured in a war of self-defense, terrorism intensifies, and this terrorism is at best ignored, and at worst supported, by people like Booth.

Ok, so up until this point you might conclude that Booth could very well be a kind-hearted person who just happens to be woefully ignorant.

I think the next paragraphs indicate that this woman is not merely ignorant, but willfully ignores the truth.

Likewise, she finds it backs up her argument that Palestinians are a peace-loving people.

She admits: “When I was going to Gaza I had a moment thinking, ‘Well, what about Islamic jihad, is that going to be dangerous?’ I walked around as the sister-in-law of Tony Blair – God as my witness – I walked around Rafah refugee camp at night on my own.

“People knew who I was, I was welcomed and I was safe. The Hamas police force has pledged safety as much as possible for the people living there – that is not to say they are perfect – but the organisation that kidnapped Alan Johnston is all but finished now.”

The fact that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and company fire rockets at population centers in Israel is of no concern to Booth. As long as they do not harm her and do good for palestinians, they are alright, and the palestinians who support them are “peace-loving.”

This theme of peace among Palestinians is one to which the journalist continually returns.

When stranded in Gaza, she says a woman took her in, offering her daughter’s clothes to her.

“It’s raised time and time again that within Islam there’s an inherent hate for Judaism – it’s a lie,” she says.

I have seen plenty of Quranic verses that would suggest otherwise. But you needn’t go much past the Hamas Charter for proof she is talking out of her arse.

“I have been in homes and I hear and I see people want to live in peace with their neighbours. There is a genuine feeling of welcome.

“The danger for someone visiting is that you’ll get loved to death – force-fed mint tea and biscuits.”

Now this I am inclined to believe.

As for not speaking out against palestinian terror, Booth wants you to know it is not because she denies its existence. It just does not interest her.

No one can deny violent attacks and terrorism have been committed by people living in Palestine. But her real argument is that the Palestinian people are being punished indiscriminately and permanently for it.

“I don’t condone any violence at all,” she says. “Why am I talking about Palestine? Because they are under occupation and I have seen the suffering first-hand.

“I don’t want to talk about anything else – just the human rights abuses.

Clearly, Booth does not consider rockets fired at Jews to constitute a humans right abuse.

And here’s the kicker:

“If Londoners went through what Gazan people go through for one day, we would commit massacres, we would riot. They’ve been going through it for 60 years.

At least she admits the palestinians commit massacres.

And that, my friends, is terror supporter Lauren Booth.

Update: Honest Reporting has discovered that Booth is on Iran’s payroll.

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  1. Stupid bloody bitch. She was on The Politics Show in the UK babbling on about her conversion to Islam and the "intellectual journey" she was subsequently embarking on. First time for everything I guess.

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