Lies My Gazan Told Me

This Al Jizz article asks Gazans about the truce that never was. The conclusion? They are full of sh*t.

Abed al-Raouf Saedallah, 61, works in a shop to support a family of 11

The truce was a rest for both sides, Palestinians and Israelis alike…


Ismaeel Abu Khalil, 19, high school student who works in a grocery

The Palestinians were more committed to the truce than Israel, as the big Palestinian factions suspended the rocket attacks to nearby Israeli cities.


About that:

The ceasefire agreement with the armed Palestinian groups in Gaza, set to expire before the end of the week, has not lived up to its name, statistical findings have concluded. According to the security establishment’s data, 2008 saw an increase of over a thousand rockets and mortars from the previous year.

In 2007 over 1,200 rockets and 600 mortar shells were fired towards the western Negev. As 2008 comes to a close, 2,900 rockets have so far been fired at Israel.

Despite a relative lull during July and August, during which an average of five rockets and six mortar shells were launched each month, November saw a steep escalation in violence, with 148 rockets and an additional 85 mortar shells documented.

In 2004, before the Gaza pullout, less than a thousand rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israel from the Strip.

Back to the Al Jizz article..

Aminah*, 60, widow (husband was killed in 2001 in an Israeli air raid)

Our conditions as Palestinians are very difficult. People are burning wood to cook their food.

I have no power in my home, so I sit in the street next to my house.

I don’t believe in the truce.

Once I will see gas, electricity and food in the markets, then I will believe in the truce.

I guess she needs to get out more.



David Lange

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