Open Thread: Dead Computer Edition

dead computer

In case you were wondering, I have not posted in a while (at least not by my lofty standards) due to my computer going all Michael Jackson on me. Alas, I now have a replacement, but not too much time in the next 5 or so hours.

That’s where you can come in. Rant, rave, discuss in the comments. Just keep it clean and real.

3 thoughts on “Open Thread: Dead Computer Edition”

  1. why has the main page revolving pictures stopped
    and all of a sudden this tweet thing pops up and blocks
    i don’t have/want to belong to any of these sites so how do we remove/get rid of it.
    also the yellow banner (text advertisment-max blog press)
    every time you change to another thread it pops up and has to be clicked again to get rid of it , so i expect this counts in some way as a result/visit.

      1. dave greetings.
        ah every-thing is back “thank you” from us all.
        now i’m sorry to hear you did not make any money from the yellow bar thing,but dont tell every body otherwise you will ruin all our street creds , as you know every body
        thinks we can make money out of any-thing or so they say
        and we don’t want to spoil their illusion or is that delusions.
        any-way please just don’t bring back the yellow thing

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