The Day In Israel: Tues July 21st, 2009

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Jordanian authorities have started revoking the citizenship of thousands of palestinians living in Jordan to avoid a situation in which they would be “resettled” permanently in the kingdom.

In other words, to avoid a situation in which Jordan served its intended purpose.

Meanwhile, the condemnation from the world regarding Jordan’s measures against the palestinians is deafening.

Just kidding. No-one really cares unless it is Israel who is perceived to be restricting the palestinians’ “rights.”

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

10:10PM: Moonbats Incorporated: The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is sponsoring a laudatory film about Rachel Corrie and is having her charming Israel-bashing mother speak at the event. Check out this blog for all the latest developments.

9:53PM: Thanks to PMW comes the latest PA cleric to demonstrate how our “peace partners” truly view us.

8:21PM: Go Dead Sea!

8:18PM: The Gonads of the Day award goes to Israeli Infrastructure minister Uzi Landau.

Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau (Yisrael Beiteinu) refused to meet with Knesset Member Talab El-Sana (United Arab List-Ta’al) some two weeks ago, citing the Arab lawmaker’s “failure to publicly denounce Hamas’ terror activity.”

El-Sana requested the meeting to discuss issues related to the Arab sector in general, and specifically the Bedouin minority.

In an official letter to El-Sana, Landau said he did not consider the MK a representative of the Arab public.

“I’ve been an MK since 1992, and I was certain the meeting would be scheduled,” El-Sana said in response.

Landau further wrote in the letter, “I see no point in holding the meeting, particularly in light of your refusal to unequivocally condemn Hamas’ terror activity and call on your constituents to assist the Israeli security forces in their fight against it.

“Furthermore, I do not consider you a representative of the Arab and Bedouin communities, most of which do not identify with terror,” said the minister.

3:33PM: Lebanon claims it has foiled a terror attack…against UNIFIL and the Lebanese army.

The Lebanese army said on Tuesday it had uncovered a militant Islamist network that had been plotting to carry out attacks against UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon and the army itself.

I guess it is the least that Lebanon can do for their friends in UNIFIL.

9:54AM: The Hamas website has this interview with their spokesperson in Gaza.

Comedy gold!

Mr. Fawzi Barhoum is Hamas spokesman in Gaza, he is from Rafah city. In an interview with Al Qassam English Website about the most recent issues, he explains Hamas movement views:

How Hamas deals with the others:

“Hamas is a moderate Islamic movement, Hamas doesn’t adopt any extremist views against the others, no body heard before that Hamas hurt one for his religious believes.

“The conflict with the Zionist enemy is restricted inside the Occupied Palestinian territories, we have nothing to do with the Jews outside of our land, and we are fighting to liberate our land.

“We respect all religions and the best example for that the Hamas in the latest election supported a Christian MP & put another one in its list.

“We respect the women, so Hamas senate a woman as a mayor for Ramallah city, she was also a Christian, and also Hamas has several women as MPs.

How Hamas deals with the foreign issues:

“We don’t interfere in the interests of any countries, also we don’t interfere in the internal situations for any country we deal with it, and we are trying to build best relations with all countries except the Zionist entity.

“We are not in a conflict with the western world, we respect them as they should respect us & respect the Palestinian people choice, and we seek for special ties with the western world to help us in restoring our rights.

“The Western world began to realize that the right vision of the Palestinian-Zionist conflict, the Palestinians are victims & the Zionist entity used all the westerns to execute a huge humanitarian crimes, after the war on Gaza, the westerns understood that Hamas is just protecting the Palestinian people.”

Hamas struggle is Resistance & not terrorism:

“We ask them if they consider Sharl Digol struggle as terrorism, we ask them if they consider the Vietnamese struggle as terrorism, the entire world witnessed that the Zionist entity has committed crimes against the Palestinian civilians.

“All the liberated countries began to persecute the war criminals, we ask the western world to persecute the Zionist leaders for committing war crimes.

“Hamas has not any problem to make contacts with any country, the relation must be on the base of supporting us for restoring our rights, and also we have no problem to meet them directly.

Good indication from the western world:

“We received positive indications from the European countries & others on their relations with Hamas, the indications was on several levels officially, PLC members, they realized that.

“The second positive thing that the western officials now began to hear the point view of Hamas after it was concealed by the Zio-American propaganda.”

6:15AM: Here’s yesterday’s Maccabiah Games newscast for those interested in the goings-on at the Jewish Olympics.

Or interested in looking at the wooden presenters/eye candy.

6:08AM: Besides stripping palestinians of their citizenship, Jordan has stepped up the rhetoric against Israel.

The Jordanian government on Monday rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that Jerusalem would remain the undivided capital of Israel and that the Jewish state has a free hand to set up settlements throughout the West Bank.

“The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are occupied territories according to several resolutions issued by the United Nations,” Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication Nabil Sharif was quoted as saying by the official Petra news agency.

“In particular, the UN Security Council resolution 242 of 1967 and resolutions 476 and 478 of 1980 consider Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem null and void and call on Israel to end its occupation of East Jerusalem.”

He said that remarks made Sunday by the Israeli government about Jerusalem were nothing more than “fallacies that negate the well- established legal and political realities” and place obstacles “in the path of peace and US efforts that seek to establish peace through the realization of the two-state vision.”

It is interesting how Jordan refers to Israel’s “occupation” of East Jerusalem, given that before 1967, it was Jordan who occupied it. Yet the world did not seem to care, nor the palestinians for that matter.

In a related development, Jordan’s state-funded National Centre for Human Rights said Monday that calling Israel a Jewish state “runs counter to the international criteria of human rights as enshrined in the relevant international declarations which ban all forms of discrimination.”

The NCHR said that the move by the new right-wing Israeli government to force Arabs to recognize the Jewish nature of Israel as a precondition for resuming negotiations with the Palestinians “implied racial and colonial connotations that lead to the deportation of Palestinian Arabs living in Israel from their land and homes.”

No doubt timed to coincide with Jordan’s revoking the citizenship of thousands of Jordanian palestinians. For it is the usual tactic for the Arab and Muslim countries to point the finger at Israel to deflect attention away from their own repressive regimes.


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