Roseanne Barr is unrepentant about her Hitler-oven photo shoot, judging by this blog post of hers on the subject.

75% of fox news’ fascist minded viewers

think Ms. Barr went too far dressing up as Hitler.
25% think its hilarious….

question i must pose:
25% of Fox news viewers are smart? who knew? I am shocked.

And she gives us more insight into her disturbed mind with this ranting post comparing Arnold Schwarzenegger to Hitler, telling Jews to get over Hitler and speak out against “collective punishment in Gaza”:

Hey Roseanne,

I’m from Germany and I need to tell you how much I like the Hitler-Photoshoot! It is so important to make fun of this crazy figure! There is (almost) no german comedian making fun of Hitler. And if so – the german press would take him/her down. Maybe it is inappropriate for Germans – I don’t know, but that’s what it seems like, because lots of germans are still in shock when they even hear his name.

Good job Roseanne!!

my response: Hitler was a dweeb who farted all the time, incested his niece, held her hostage and killed her when she tried to escape at age seventeen, alot like FRITZL.
Hitler, Fritzl, and Shwartzenegger all come from pretty much the same home town, how do ya like that? All of them have a sense of hypermasculinity, which to me is just being phobic of “the female” jungian archetype.
Hitler was so afraid of women, you can just tell if you look.
This guy was a tragic figure of history, a dupe, an actor fronting for industrialists, desperate for the German mother to love him, and think he was enough of a MAN. (so everyday and so predictably boring, the little outfits, boots and hats designed with the little skull and bones on them worn by the other fat and chinless wimps who ruled the “fatherland”. Germany previous to him was known as the “motherland”)
He has been dead for over half a century and people still fear even invoking his name, giving him some horrid power over their own minds. That way we can all pretend that he was not human, and not just like we are. The fact is he thought he was on a holy mission from God (gods), just like everyone else does who thinks that might makes right, and that war solves geographical problems. time for all these idiots to remove themselves from this realm, I say!
I say also, its time for jews to snap out of it, out of nazi mind control. Hitler is a dead guy who thought jews were going to infect german RNA, and yet his own grandmother was impregnated by one of the Rothschild family (jews) while working in their home as a servant. This is what he wanted to obscure most of all, and goerring the same story. self hate is the most virile form of hatred.
Well, he did not kill “the jewish people”, and neither did Haman and neither did Martin Luther, or the Popes of the Vatican, or any of the other despots on earth who caused many to suffer and die, but are now only dust and nothing more. Get over Hitler, Jewish people!! that was then and this is now!
Torah tells us the temple was destroyed by the hatred of one jew to another, and not by any “gentile”. Time for thinking jews to speak out, wake up and take correct spiritual action against evil. Speak out against collective punishment in Gaza!
Our ancestors go back long before there was judaism!
You are under MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL! (see my speech about it here-search it)

Meanwhile, the story made it on to Extra, hosted by that guy from Saved by the Bell.

No, the other one.

Update: And another post goes up.

Millions of native americans were victims of Holocaust and genocide under the US and Canadian Governments.
They were marched to death, ghettoed, biologically poisoned, worked to death, robbed penniless, and left to starve.
There is not one holocaust memorial in either country that even mentions them. But every major city in the US has a memorial that commemorates the European Holocaust!
Americans have little or no consciousness of the fact that the land their own homes sit on was stolen through murder and suffering from the native people who lived here for centuries. Just sayin’.
Like the Germans in the 40’s, Jewish people are blind to what is being done in their names today. Genocide is a virus.

It certainly puts her photo shoot into perspective, doesn’t it?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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