Brendon O’Connell: The Git That Keeps on Giving

brendon o'connell 1Unemployed anti-Semitic pest Brendon O’Connell continues to leave his droppings in the comments to this post.

And he’s at his confused and inarticulate best.

Here’s some “highlights” from his latest rantings, followed by some of my responses.

What was it Rabbi Schneerson stated about Adolph Hitler? Something about Hitler being an “avenging angel” sent by god to punish ordinary jews wh wernt following the rabbi’s and their racist, homicdal filth.

I am truly touched by your concern for the “judaics” under Hitler. I just find it a little disingenuous (big word, I know. Look it up.) given your own “racist, homicdal filth.”

You actually think you are going to come out on top in all of this? Do any of you have any idea how much we have on you? It does’nt matter if I go to jail – the game is to publicise your racism and hate while you have the GALL to run around trying to make up laws to prevent valid criticism of your own dirty laundery.

I have a rule. The guy who goes to prison normally does not come out on top. Unless that is his roommate’s personal preference.

But feel free to “publicise” our “racism and hate” in your own indomitable (another big word. Look it up.), racism and hate-free style.

You people need to get out more.

Said the guy about to go to prison.

The trial will run for 3 days in approx 6 months time.

12 ordinary people will be hearing all of this highly structured explanation of what motivates me when I say…”You have a religion of racism, hate and ethnic cleansing.”

The judge will not be shutting me up. The judge will be all ears.

I guess you better hope he’s not a judaic then.

I guess you never attended the University Of Chicago and hung with Irving and Bill Crystal and Paul Wolfowitz and the “Starussians”. Maybe you would have joined the radical leftist “Weather Underground” instead and played “tag team opposition” in a kabbalistic “union of opposites”.

Although I never attended the University Of Chicago and hung with Bill Crystal, I really enjoyed City Slickers.

It’s over.

Please pick up your dummies and finish your bagels. School is over and someone is staying behind.

Said the dummie whose behind is about to resemble a bagel.

Do ANY of you silly people have the FAINTEST idea how much trouble you are in?

Said the guy about to go to prison.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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