The Day In Israel: Thurs Sept 10th, 2009

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mashaal faceDamascus-based Hamashole Khaled Mashaal admitted his group produces and smuggles weapons despite Israel’s “blockade” on Gaza.

“Your brothers in Palestine, despite the blockade and the closing of border passages … despite the fleets from east and west, despite all of this, we buy arms, we manage to produce arms and we smuggle arms,” AFP quoted Masshal as saying in a recording of a speech to young members of Sudan’s ruling party

Meanwhile, the leader of the country hosting Mashaal is reportedly optimistic about restarting peace talks with Israel

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10:55PM: And I thought only Israel officials had big mouths.

A senior Kremlin official confirmed Wednesday to the Russian paper Kommersant that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did indeed make a clandestine trip to Russia on Monday.

Commenting on the visit, the official said that “this kind of development could only be related to new and threatening information on Iran’s nuclear program.”

The Russian newspaper quoted experts speculating that such a trip would only be justified under extraordinary circumstances, “for example, in the case of Israel planning to attack Iran.”

10:42PM: Did you know that September 9th (9/9) is the most requested wedding date in Israel?

Neither did I, but then again, I also didn’t know you could do this with toilet paper:

7:42PM: Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has stood up Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman in order to meet Venezuelan President Hugo “Boofhead” Chavez.

5:15PM: More creepiness from senior HRW analyst and Nazi fetishist Mark Garlasco.

garlasco couple pic

As you can tell, the “people with dreams” to which he is referring were not Jews butchered at the hands of the Nazis (hat tip: Elder of Ziyon)

2:42PM: Yet another singer has come out of the Jewish closet – Julio Iglesias.

Not only that, he’s the right kind of Jew and not the anti-Israel, shmekky kind.

julio iglesiasSitting on a bar stool between songs, Iglesias took several moments to share anecdotes about his personal connection to Israel. Quite surprising to the audience was his avowal that his mother was Jewish and that he himself was “Jewish from the waist up.” (too much information – ed.)

In regard to the conflict in the region, Iglesias warmly said that he “understands your feelings and your fight,” prompting a resounding round of applause from the audience. Iglesias also remarked on his past travels through the country and emphasized that Israel “is a part of my life” and that playing to an Israeli audience “is an honor.”

And it is an honor to host you too. Just please lay off the Viagra.

Indeed, Julio Iglesias has unmatched debonair credentials, and he lived up to his reputation as a man of passion. Despite his advice in between songs on the proper dosage of Viagra for sexual vitality and how he “makes love” with his songs on stage, it was actually more personally revealing to the attendees to hear of his Jewish mother’s ancestral roots.

2:15PM: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s policy director Ron Dermer has weighed in on Marc Garlasco’s Nazi fetish.

Human Rights Watch’s employment of a man who trades and collects Nazi memorabilia as its “senior military expert” is a “new low” for the organization that frequently criticizes Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s policy director Ron Dermer said Wednesday.

“I thought that nothing could top a human rights organization trying to raise money in Saudi Arabia, but I was apparently wrong,” said Dermer, referring to HRW’s fundraising efforts in the kingdom earlier this year, using its reports against Israel as a sales pitch. “A war crimes investigator who is an avid collector and trader in Nazi memorabilia is perhaps a new low.”

Dermer was referring to reports, both in the blogosphere and the press, that Marc Garlasco, HRW’s senior military expert, who has written numerous reports condemning Israel, is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia.

12:42PM: Ha’aretz has a report on Nazi aficionado and HRW analyst Marc Garlasco. In it, they refer to him as a former HRW analyst, so they are either having a Jerusalem Post moment, or it is their subtle way of reporting he has resigned.

The report also makes no mention of the fact that this revelation emanated from the blogs, instead referring to “media sources.”


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