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At the annual Likud party Rosh Hashana toast yesterday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said:

“We have proven that we desire peace and we are willing to compromise, but we will not be taken for fools.”

“One thing is clear – there is a government in Israel that bolsters security, that is leading the economy and that is pursuing a responsible peace process, while preserving Israel’s crucial interests.”


“Jerusalem will remain united. And Israel’s capital forever.”

The Israeli people will not be taken for fools either, Mr Prime Minister. So please keep your actions consistent with your words.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

5:02PM: The IDF has stated that we hold the Lebanese government responsible.

And on that note, I have to log off and prepare for the Sabbath.

4:38PM: Three Katusha rockets fired from southern Lebanon reportedly struck northern Israel earlier this afternoon, with no reports of casualties but an electric tower being hit.

The IDF has fired artillery into southern Lebanon in response.

3:58PM: Speaking of Jane Fonda, she published my response to her protest in the comments on her blog. Unfortunately, there were a few Israeli commenters who actually agreed with her stance. There were also a couple of appearances from you-know-who, doing his best to bash Israel and his fellow Jews who support her.

Like this one:

Richard Silverstein says:
September 9, 2009 at 12:43 am

Sorry I clicked on the wrong reply button above & placed my comment in the wrong place.

Tel Aviv, likely the only city in the Middle East where being gay isn’t punishable by violence

Glenn, Glenn. How much do you know about Israel? You do realize that only a few wks ago a mass murderer decided to go on a shooting rampage in Tel Aviv & killed several gay teenagers & hasn’t yet been found by a police dept. not particulary known for their interest in solving crimes against gays.

Perhaps you’d like to rewrite yr comment to reflect reality, as opposed to yr own version of it.

And this one:

Richard Silverstein says:
September 9, 2009 at 12:39 am

Yours was a principled position and the fact that the right pro-Israel figures have resorted to twisting yr position out of context (or lying about it) isn’t surprising) since that’s how these people do their politics.

I’ve got news for you, Marvin Hier was only yr friend as long as you could do something for him. He’s a user. He used the lie that the Iranian parliament passed a law forcing Jews to wear a yellow start (a lie) to advance his own group’s anti-Semitism agenda. He is building a “Museum of Remembrance” on a Muslim cemetery in West Jerusalem thereby oblitering the memory of the Muslims buried within it.

Not a nice man. Not a good rabbinic model (& I am a proud American Jew btw).

Silverstein is anything but a proud American Jew and certain not in a position to accuse another of being “not a nice man.”

3:26PM: Actor Jon Voight has attacked Jane Fonda and company for their protest against the Toronto International Film Festival’s decision to hold the City to City Spotlight on Tel Aviv.

Actor Jon Voight said he was speaking out against an “evil, destructive force” in taking on his former co-star Jane Fonda and other high-profile protesters condemning the Toronto International Film Festival in a controversy involving Israel.

“What’s going on is they’re taking over the festival with this agenda that they have,” he said in an interview explaining his take on the controversy that threatens to overshadow the opening today of the 34th edition of the festival.

Last week a group of authors, academics and celebrities released The Toronto Declaration criticizing the festival’s decision to hold the City to City Spotlight on Tel Aviv, which highlights films from 10 Israeli directors. Among the signatories were Naomi Klein, Danny Glover and Jane Fonda, who starred with Mr. Voight in the 1978 Vietnam War drama Coming Home, which netted both actors Oscars.

“I think that validating these guys in any way is the wrong approach. I’m not interested in their answers to things because it’s all going to be a bunch of poison,” he said.

“I know the situation that exists on the left, because I was there in the late ’60s, and I know Jane,” said Mr. Voight, now 70, who even appeared with Ms. Fonda at events supporting a leftist Chilean political party. (In an opinion article that appeared last year in The Washington Times, however, the actor said his political activism was due to “Marxist propaganda.”)

Mr. Voight, in a letter published today in the National Post, blasts Ms. Fonda “and all those who signed the letter with her, of aiding and abetting those who seek the destruction of Israel. How do you not respond to a very dangerous lie against a democratic country, Israel, who for years tries to defend themselves against constant wars and aggression?” the actor told the Post when asked why he had written the letter.

“I’m seeing a very dangerous precedent beginning to catch hold now in the United States. If our movie stars start protecting the enemy against Israel, we can be sure the beginning of a very evil destructive force is showing its face.”

I really love this guy. He is always there defending Israel amongst a sea of cretins. In fact, given the extent to which Hollywood is “Jewish”, it is amazing – and sad – that he is the only one doing so in a vocal way.

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