The Day In Israel: Sun Sept 13th, 2009


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Israeli President Shimon Peres gave plenty of people a big scare last night when he collapsed at an event.

energizer bunnyPeres was standing up and replying to questions by the audience at a Rabin Center function when he collapsed. The president’s personal paramedic on behalf of the national bodyguard unit was present at the scene and administered initial treatment.

According to initial reports, Peres was able to recover and stood up within several minutes. He is said to have left the stage on his feet and was talking to those around him. Magen David Adom ambulance teams rushed to the scene and treated Peres at Dalia Rabin’s room at the site.

The president’s close associates said that he fainted because of a drop in his blood pressure. The sources said that after regaining consciousness, the president yelled at medical teams and his aides, telling them “I want to return to the Presidential Residence, I’m fine.”

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

9:15AM: 95 aid trucks are scheduled to cross into Gaza today.

9:00AM: A UNIFIL spokesman blamed “radicals from Palestinian refugee camps” in southern Lebanon for firing the two Katyusha rockets into Israel on Friday. September 11.

8:58AM: Anne Bayefsky looks at the UN’s treatment of Israel.

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