The Day In Israel: Fri Nov 20th, 2009

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of conducting secret negotiations with Hamas, which revolve around a palestinian state with temporary borders.

Meanwhile, a terrorist-swap deal for Gilad Shalit is reportedly nearing completion, with Hamas handing over to Israel a new prisoner list with 70 new names aimed at replacing 70 to which Israel strongly objects.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

4:00PM: PA “peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas is advocating “resistance”:

In an interview to the British Broadcasting Corporation in Arabic, the Palestinian leader implied that his people may adopt a new type of struggle against the occupation.

“Those who have to resist are the people, and there are different types of resistance, like in (West Bank villages of) Bilin and Naalin, where people are injured every day,” he said.

In case you think he is preaching non-violence, be aware that in these places, the “protesters” are throwing rocks and other projectiles.

Even more worrying (but hardly surprising to anyone following this blog and my contention that Abbas and Fatah are just terrorists in suits):

He went on to point a finger at the Hamas organization. “Hamas talk about the importance of resistance, but why aren’t they resisting now. There is a truce between them and Israel, and since the war in Gaza Hamas has not carried out any act of resistance.”

And I assure you here, he is not talking “just” about throwing rocks and other projectiles.

3:45PM: Some recent new immigrants to Israel….from China and India.

1:18PM: Fatah has reportedly made a strategic decision to declare a third intifada against Israel, thus implementing a decision made during its recent sixth convention.

This intifada is supposedly to be in the form of “unarmed resistance”, in order to garner more sympathy for their cause, as well as to embarrass the Israeli government (not because murder is immoral).

1:04PM: While Israelis endeavor to repair bones, palestinians endeavor to break them.

6:16AM: Photo of the day:

Palestinian teacher - AP

This Nov. 16, 2009 photo shows Palestinian teacher Gada Aby Ward teaching in the Omar Ben al-Khattab School. Twenty years after the U.N. adopted a treaty guaranteeing children’s rights, fewer youngsters are dying and more are going to school, but an estimated 1 billion children still lack services essential to their survival and development, UNICEF said Thursday.
(AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Oh, I get it. A palestinian teaching about the human heart, while meanwhile those bad heartless Israelis are making them suffer. How symbolic.

I guess there’s a chance the AP photographer just happened to be in the classroom while the palestinian teacher was teaching about the human heart of all things, but there just seems to be too many coincidences when it comes to foreign press photographs.

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