The Day In Israel: Sunday Dec 27th, 2009


Two Hamasholes were yesterday killed after a “mysterious explosion” took place in a car carrying them in a Hizbullah stronghold south of Beirut. Al-Arabiya also reported that two Hezbollah members arriving at the scene to dismantle the explosives were killed in the blast.

No word yet on who was behind the blast, or whether it was merely a case of premature explodation. But whatever the cause, what is certain is it will be blamed on the Joooooooooos.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

8:30PM: An 18-year-old young Israeli woman suffered second degree burns earlier today after palestinian terrorists hurled a firebomb at the bus in which she was riding south of Hebron.

6:36PM: One year on, and Hamas are just raring to go.

6:02PM: Scenes from a Hamas protest.

4:26PM: Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has stated there is still no deal with Hamas to free Gilad Shalit, and linked yesterday’s killing of the three terrorists behind last week’s shooting death of Meir Avshalom Hai to the prisoner swap negotiations.

“One of the cell terrorist cell members who were killed had been released from Israeli prison. This is precisely the consideration standing against the Shalit deal.”

“The issue of our citizens’ security, particularly in the West Bank, is a cardinal consideration in the negotiations for Shalit’s release. We want our prisoners returned, but at the same time we must minimize the risk to our citizens.”

“We will not agree to expose our citizens to terror.”

1:40PM: The two soldiers involved in this morning’s shooting were from the IDF’s Beduin Trackers Unit.

1:32PM: And it gets worse. The wounded soldier died shortly after being shot by his comrade.

12:30PM: It now looks like the Beer Sheva Mall shooting was perpetrated by an IDF soldier. Against another IDF soldier.

Oy vey.

12:28PM: Photo of the day:

lebanese poster - AFP

Lebanese Shiite Muslim women look at a poster errected in the southern Lebanese town of Nabatiyeh on December 18 on the occasion of Ashura. At least two people were killed late Saturday in a blast that shook Hezbollah’s stronghold in southern Beirut, a security official said. (AFP/File/Mahmoud Zayat)

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling peace is not foremost on their mind?

12:22PM: Senior Obama officials reportedly asked Israeli National Security Adviser Uzi Arad to explain the IDF raid in Nablus that resulted in us liquidating the three terrorists who murdered an Israeli father-of-seven.

I would have thought it was self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, police today confirmed, after ballistics analysis, that one of the weapons confiscated by IDF troops during the operation had been used to shoot Rabbi Hai.

12:02PM: According to Channel 2, the shooting may have been the result of quarrel between two people, and not a terror attack.

12:00PM: BREAKING NEWS: Gunshots have been heard in the food court of the Beer Sheva mall (I used to eat their regularly when I first emigrated to Israel – ed.) One person reported seriously wounded.

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