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The US is demanding an international body be involved in the probe of the flotilla events

“International participation in investigating these matters will be important to the credibility that everybody wants to see,” said U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley on Tuesday. “We are discussing with Israel and others the prospective nature of international participation in the investigation. And we’re sharing different ideas on how to best accomplish that.”

“We want to see an impartial, credible, prompt, thorough investigation. We recognize that international participation, which lends itself to countries and entities being able to vouch for the results of the investigation – will be an essential element to putting this tragedy behind us,” he went on to say.

On a related note, who’s heard the words “building freeze” in the past week?

Just saying.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)?

8:38PM: Beeb bias of the day: The BBC just can’t help themselves.

Reader James points out the following photo and caption appearing in this BBC report entitled: Barack Obama says situation in Gaza is ‘unsustainable’

gaza woman fenceThe thing is, if you look at the original photo here, this “caged woman” is at the Rafah Crossing, which is at the border between Gaza and Egypt.

A Palestinian woman waits for relatives to return from Egypt at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip June 9, 2010. Egypt, which largely closed its Gaza border after the Hamas takeover in 2007, reopened the frontier indefinitely following the Israeli naval raid last week. (Reuters)

In other words, it is extremely dishonest of the BBC to use this photo for a story blaming Israel for the situation in Gaza.

But what’s new?

7:22PM: Today South Korea was the venue for a special event involving a robotic creature incapable of blinking.

And that’s just Shimon Peres. Look at who he met.

Peres robot


Even though Vietnam shunned President Shimon Peres after the recent flotilla incident, on Wednesday the Israeli President received a warm welcome in South Korea, and even met a local robot.

During a visit to KAIST Science Park, Peres was received by a special robot called HUBO, who greeted the president with a handshake, and even handed him flowers.

The president did not miss out on the opportunity and invited the robot to make Aliyah to Israel, promising it would even get upgraded there. Later, the president was invited for a ride on the Korean electric bus.

I’m just glad Peres didn’t try to kiss the robot.

4:22PM: Supermarket chain Lidl has stopped selling Israeli potatoes in Ireland, but denies it is a boycott.

Lidl says it to stop selling two lines of baby potatoes sourced from Israel in its Irish stores, but the German discounter denies the move is politically motivated.

The two lines will switch to an alternative source “in line with seasonable changes”, a spokeswoman for the retailer said.

This was in line with the company’s aim of offering the best quality “in-season” produce all year around at the lowest possible prices, she said.

Irish activists who were deported from Israel at the weekend after their ship was taken over by Israeli defence forces have called for a boycott of Israeli goods until the blockade of Gaza is ended.

The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has also been running a long-standing campaign calling for a boycott of Israeli goods.

Last year the Republic of Ireland imported €82 million worth of goods from Israel, to which it exported goods with a value of €197 million.

4:12PM: Some refreshing honesty from Australian broadcaster Alan Jones.

12:06PM: Richard Landes looks at the role of the media in the flotilla incident, including  the bias shown by fellow Aussie Rosemary Church of CNN.

9:52AM: According to the Daily Telegraph, Israel is set to accept a British plan to ease its blockade of Gaza in exchange for international acceptance of a watered-down investigation into last week’s flotilla raid.

6:22AM: The Egyptian media has criticized one of the flotilla guerillas.

For not lying.

A storm has been kicked up in Egyptian media after experiences on the flotilla are recounted. The version of events on the Gaza-bound flotilla  as heard by an Egyptian member of parliament have evoked the ire of a number of state-run media outlets in the country because, they claim, the stories help Israeli PR efforts.

An Egyptian member of parliament from the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Beltagy, took part in the flotilla to the Gaza Strip that was commandeered by the Israeli Navy. After participating in the clashes on the deck of the Mavi Marmara, he was arrested by Israel and later released to Egypt.

On Tuesday of last week, he was interviewed on the “10 at Night” program on the Egyptian channel Dream. During the interview, he said that the flotilla participants overtook three Israeli commandos and snatched their weapons from them. This admission of employing force against IDF soldiers has evoked a media storm among Egyptian columnists, who claim this was a “public relations gift to Israel.”

Under the headline “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Gift to Israel,” columnist Abdullah Kamal criticized Beltagy’s admission. “He said that he and those with him on the ship overtook three Israeli commando soldiers who had broken onto the ship and took control of their weapons. He boasted of this without understanding that he is granting Israel a massive, recorded gift that it will gain benefit from in the commission of inquiry it will carry out following the massacre.”

In the column, published in the Egyptian newspaper Rosalyousef, Kamal continued, “Israel said that it was faced with armed men on the ship and that it was thus forced to clash with them. The parliament member said that he and those with him took over the commando’s weapon and denied that he and those with him were civilians who had not committed violent acts.

“Perhaps everyone will see the video clip of the action that was leaked to the media and includes images of an Israeli soldier jumping onto the boat and then being chased and beaten. This is precisely what Israel wants – to prove its excuses from a legal perspective.”


The daily newspaper el-Gomhuriah also did not spare the parliament member. “This is dangerous talk that serves Israel.

6:14AM: Israel’s ambassador to the US Michael Oren talks to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the US-Israel relationship.

6:00AM: And now for criticism of the flotilla from some unlikely sources.

First up, we have Imam Fethullah Gülen, a US resident who is considered Turkey’s most influential religious leader.

“What I saw was not pretty,” he said. “It was ugly.”

(Ok, enough about Helen Thomas)

Mr. Gülen said organizers’ failure to seek accord with Israel before attempting to deliver aid “is a sign of defying authority, and will not lead to fruitful matters.”


Mr. Gülen said he had only recently heard of IHH, the Istanbul-based Islamic charity active in more than 100 countries that was a lead flotilla organizer. “It is not easy to say if they are politicized or not,” he said. He said that when a charity organization linked with his movement wanted to help Gazans, he insisted they get Israel’s permission. He added that assigning blame in the matter is best left to the United Nations.

Next up, we have Kuwaiti journalist ‘Abdallah Al-Hadlaq.

In a June 3, 2010 article in the daily Al-Watan, Kuwaiti journalist ‘Abdallah Al-Hadlaq supported Israel’s decision to stop the Gaza flotilla, saying that the outcome of the Israeli navy’s operation was “in direct proportion to the violence” of the flotilla activists, and that the flotilla organizers are known to have ties with global and regional terror organizations.

The following are excerpts:

“The Weapons had Clearly been Prepared in Advance… and the Soldiers had No Nhoice but to Respond”

“The Israeli navy gave repeated warnings to the ships [of the flotilla], which tried to break the blockade on the terroristic Hamas movement in Gaza, and also invited them to enter the Ashdod port and unload their cargo of ‘aid’ supplies, so it could be thoroughly examined by the security [forces] before being delivered by land to the Gaza Strip. When the flotilla failed to heed these warnings and requests, the Israeli navy had no choice but to take over the ships. [In doing so], the IDF troops encountered violent [opposition] that had been planned in advance: the flotilla participants assaulted them with firearms, metal pipes, knives and clubs, and grabbed the rifle of one of the soldiers. The weapons had clearly been prepared in advance… and the soldiers had no choice but to respond, including with live fire.

“The Israeli navy operation was conducted according to orders and instructions of the highest political echelons, [and aimed at] stopping the ships and keeping them from breaching the naval blockade and reaching Gaza. The warning message sent by the Israeli navy [to the Mavi Marmara] was as follows: ‘To the captain of the [Mavi] Marmara: You are approaching an area of hostilities, which is under a naval blockade. The Gaza coastal area and Gaza Harbor are closed to maritime traffic. We invite you to enter the Ashdod port, from whence the aid supplies will be delivered through the formal land crossing [to Gaza], after which you can return to your home ports.”[2] It should be noted that, according to the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israel retains control of a 40-kilometer strip of water off the Gaza coast.”

“The [Flotilla] Organizers are Supporters of Movements and Organizations such as [Global] Jihad, Hamas, Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda”

“The flotilla, which was supported by the terroristic Hamas movement and tried to breach the blockade on this movement in Gaza, was a preplanned provocation against Israel. The grave outcome [of the takeover] was in direct proportion to the violence [employed by the flotilla activists] as they tried [to breach the blockade]. The [flotilla] organizers are supporters of movements and organizations such as [global] Jihad, Hamas, Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda, and have a black record in terms of smuggling arms and [perpetrating] terror operations. And indeed, the Israeli forces discovered on the ships weapons and ammunition that had been prepared in advance.

“The naval blockade on the Hamas movement in Gaza is legal in light of this movement’s actions in the Strip. Had Israel allowed the flotilla – which was not legal – to reach the Hamas movement, it would have opened a route for smuggling weapons and terrorists into the Gaza Strip. No sovereign country would allow its citizens or its sovereignty to be harmed. Moreover, the attempt to force a path to Gaza by sea does not [really] benefit the people of Gaza, since the land crossings are sufficient for [the purpose of] supplying their needs. International aid organizations provide Gaza with all the necessary food, clothing and medical [supplies]. Over 15,000 tons of basic aid supplies enter the Strip every week. Construction materials enter it under the supervision of international organizations, in order to prevent the terroristic Hamas movement from commandeering them and using them for building military fortifications. The land crossings are the most efficient way to deliver supplies to Gaza, and the flotilla organizers know this perfectly well. They also know that since December 2008, their ships are not allowed to approach [the Gaza coast].

“The protests and demonstrations that broke out in various capitals are without meaning or value, as are the emergency summits [convened by] the Arab League, the E.U. and the U.N. The wave of protests will not change a thing, but a full and immediate investigation of the events will reveal all the details of what really happened… and [then] everyone will know the truth about the Hamas movement…”


Want to learn how to shoot with top Israeli anti-terror experts? Click here for more details.


51 thoughts on “The Day In Israel: Wednesday June 9th, 2010”

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      Was he the guy who the IDF said had tried to enter the strip to organize a military group? Who is also a UK citizen? In that case, if anyone owes anyone asn apology, it's the U.S. and the U.K. who owe us one.

      1. Gil J. Yashar

        Ken O'Keefe is a "black and white" fanatic lunatic extremist. He denounced his US citizenship, has a Palestinian passport and Hawiian citizenship (apparently you can get this) and considers himself a "world citizen". I guess he believes in blurring borders which would fit in with socialism and Islamic fundamentalism both which believe that the world must be ruled by them.

    2. Q: What's the difference between 'Palestine' and Santa's workshop?

      A: One is a completely made-up place that only gullible, petulant little brats believe in and the other makes toys at the North Pole.

  1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    Dave, do you think you might post the list from the IDF of the people with known terrorist connections?

  2. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    Why is it that I need a Kuwaiti to tell me some facts in Israel's favor that I did not know? That is, the agreement on the 40kn rule (P.S. the U.S. has a 50 mile rule), and that construction materials DO go through.

  3. Since Egypt has "lifted" the blockade "indefinitely" I expect to hear sighs of relief from the flotilla types, ISM, etc. I mean, doesn't this solve the "problem" created by Israel? Now Gaza can prosper, rebuild and move forward.

    1. not bloody likely. Hamas and left-wing liberal terror enablers will find something else to blame israel. Probably something along the lines of, "israel commits war crimes by upholding any form of blockade on gaza".

      The agenda is not about "aid" and "humanitarianism", its about deligimitizing israel. End of story.

  4. Jim from Iowa

    I wouldn't call it a burden, but our relationship with Israel is complicated and at times difficult because of the actions of the Netanyahu administration. It is undeniable that the U.S. gets a lot of criticism, some from our friends and allies, for our consistent support of Israel. Put it this way–being a friend and ally of Israel is a lot different than being a friend and ally of Norway.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      Hey, how do you think we feel with Obama? Do I stop you from building a porch on YOUR house?

      1. Jim from Iowa

        I'd prefer a sun room, but I get your point. The U.S. and most of the international community don't want you to build that porch when the house is on contested land. So its not just Obama. Why does it take a big international incident for Netanyahu to reconsider his policy concerning the Gaza blockade? Why does it take a serious strain with the U.S. for Netanyahu to acquiesce to a building freeze? What's with this guy? Is he just stubborn or is he maybe a little slow?

        1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

          No, he's rational. There is no reason to have a freeze (and by the way, no plans to continiue it when it runs out in a few months) and no sane person would lift the bockade without a gun to his head.

          P.S. I am not aware that the U.S. had a problem with the Gaza blockade.

          1. Jim from Iowa

            Did you hear anything Hillary Clinton said on the subject? Listen carefully, Michael. I think she actually used the words "problematic" and "unsustainable." Don't confuse the U.S. response to the Israeli interdiction of the flotilla and the U.S. position on the overall Israeli policy concerning Gaza.

            1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

              "had". Past tense. you were talking about past positions.

              Also, her statement seems to contrdict everyone elses', but I've only seen her quoted by our enemies.

        2. Michael Zvi Krumbein

          "Most of the international community"? You mean the people who think our boys were murderers? You want me to take them seriously?

          You know, try taking a poll of the world. Ask them a few questions:

          1. Do Jews kill people for ritual purposes?
          2. Do Jews control the world?
          3. Who was behind 9/11?

          I think you will find the answers quite interesting.

          1. Jim from Iowa

            This could be fun. OK I'm game.

            1. Do Jews kill people for ritual purposes?
            -No they do not. To believe such nonsense would exhibit anti-Semitism.

            2. Do Jews control the world?
            -Well if you mean show business, I would give that a qualified Yes. Look at HBO and Showtime for instance. And I think AussieDave, who I understand is Jewish, is a very powerful and attractive person. Very powerful. Very attractive.

            3. Who was behind 9/11?
            -Al Qaeda. That was easy. I didn't even need multiple choice.

            1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

              Did you miss the first sentence? Of course I know what you think about that, you aren'T THAT crazy. But my point is that a large portion, if not most fo the world would not give the answers you gave. Therefore I am not very interested in what the "international community" thinks. (I even worked with a vietnamese-american who thought that Jews ran the world.)

              Besides, the international community is mainly interested in morality, as measured in barrels of heavy crude.

        3. Maybe because there is nothing wrong with the actual blockade!
          It is the only sensible solution to the problem of Palestinian arms smuggling, there simply is NOTHING else.

          It should be noted as well that the 'international incident' in regards to building in East Jerusalem was fabricated entirely by your government. There is nothing that would make me believe that Jerusalem is anything but a single city and the eternal capital of the Jewish people and thus that it only belongs to Israel.

          No amount of petulance from the Obama administration will make me accept an artificial, racist down the middle of it, pushing us back to the bad old days of the Jordanian regime.

  5. I'd like to meet this Abdullah Al-hadlaq. Whatever else ha may be of have, he's got guts. To say that kind of stuff in the Arab press? He'll be lucky if they don't kill him inside a month.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      I think he's pretty safe in Kuwait. I forget if they are at war with us.

      (P.S. The only thing I think G. W. Bush did wrong in Iraq (so there!) is that they did not insist on their dropping the state of war with us.)

  6. Talking about the Irish, if you have actually ever been on any of the irish/palestinian campaign sites they are nearly all antisemitic in nature, particularly forums. They throw around the word 'zionist' a lot.
    Irish4palestine only the other day had a hideous; racist caricature of Leiberman.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      Well, the PLO and the IRA were allied terrorist organizations.

      But it was not always that way. When they were sending the ships from the U.S. to then-Palestine to aid in the illegal immigration, they formed companies each time. One of them was called FTB. This was based on a comment by a non-Jewish worker (volunteer?), whom I've GOT to assume was Irish. (The last two letters stand for "the British"; I'll let you guess the first.) (Source: personnal communication.)

      1. FTB could easily be something that a certain guy from Chicago, who has nothing to do with Ireland, may say.

        1. Are we talking about plastic paddies?

          People who maintain that they are 'Irish' despite being 5th generation American and since then have had Germans, Poles and English in the family but NO NO, they're Irish.

          Apparently drinking green beer once a year and supporting the Boston Celtics is good enough.

          For what it's worth, I actually am British and my (very Jewish) grandfather served in the Mandate after the war. The Politics was apparently awful, never send a 'diplomat' to do a mans job.

          1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

            Most Irish do not live in Ireland, kind of like the "Palestinians".

            But my understanding was that the RA itself had an unofficial political policy, and it was NOT friendly to the Jews.

  7. “We want to see an impartial, credible, prompt, thorough investigation.”

    That would be nice, but will the Turks allow the connections and training of the turkish fighters to be investigated?

    And where do we find the impartial and credible people to do the investigating?

    1. They have now changed the headline of the news piece to suit the picture. It was something along the lines of "Press Obama meets Pal leader M Abbas at White House" but is now "Barack Obama says situation in Gaza is 'unsustainable' ".

  8. Just read the text in the story!

    "Israel has just allowed some snack food and drinks into Gaza, but maintained a ban on building and industrial goods."

  9. Jim from Iowa

    What do you call an international superstar pop diva who wants to drive the Jews into the sea?

    Lady Gaza

  10. What I find noteworthy about the Irish boycott story is that Israel grows potatoes. I didn't think that spuds, whose natural origin is the Andean highlands, grew in hot climates.

    1. There was a story a few years ago, that when McDonalds began opening branches in Israel, they demanded a certain type of potato from their local suppliers, which are crucial to making decent French fries.

      From what I understood, Israel started growing them and they're commonly available now.

  11. Since Egypt has "lifted" the blockade "indefinitely" I expect to hear sighs of relief from the flotilla types, and that Hamas has used the resources to build a prosperous and peaceful land.

  12. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    So Obama and Clinton give the people who tried to kill our boys a posthumous victory.

    Friend? Ally? Hah!

    With friends like these we don't need enemies. Unfortunately we have those too.

  13. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    "What do you call an international superstar pop diva who wants to drive the Jews into the sea?"

    Barack Obama.

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