Having seen what happens when you send a boat full of terrorists, others think a change of tactics is in order.

So they’re sending a boat full of women.

shipSamar Alhaj, the woman leading the Hizbullah-linked Lebanese boat that is scheduled to try to block the naval blockade on Gaza, said in an interview with a regional Israeli Arabic- language radio station in Nazareth that women were “the new secret weapon” in use against the “thieving enemy.”

Asked on Radio A-Shams by Zohair Bahloul why the ship, Mariam, would only be carrying women, she said, “We are women in order not to give the thieving enemy an excuse to use arms against the ship.” She said the ship would be carrying cancer medication for children, and women suffering from breast cancer and cancer of the uterus due to “chemical bombs” dropped on Gaza by Israel.

Alhaj is the wife of an officer in the Lebanese security service who was jailed for four years for alleged involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Alhaj and her husband met with Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on May 22.

Speaking of Israel, she said, “the entity that was not defeated will be defeated by women that will come on the boat. Our weapon is cancer medication.

We don’t have scud missiles or any other missiles, and you will see what they will do to us.”

They also don’t have any other weapons one might associate with women.

However, Kuwaiti daily al-Siyassah reported that famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe’s request to join the vessel has been vetoed by Hezbollah on the grounds that her “nudity, degradation and immodest dress” would damage the reputations of all the Arab and European women on board.

Now raise your hand if you just Googled – or thought of Googling – ‘Haifa Wehbe’?

Meanwhile, listening to one of the sponsors of the boat proves very instructive.

Meanwhile, Yasser Kashlak, a Syrian businessman of Palestinian descent who heads the “Free Palestine Organization” and is funding this boat, as well as another that is to carry journalists and parliamentarians, said over the weekend on Hizbullah’s al-Manar television station that he was more and more optimistic that one day these same boats would take “Europe’s refuse [the Jews] that came to my homeland back to their homelands.

“Gilad Schalit should go back to Paris and those murderers go back to Poland, and after that we will chase them until the ends of the earth to bring them to justice for their acts of slaughter from Deir Yassin until today.” Kashlak, a fervent Hizbullah supporter, called Israel a “rabid dog sent to the region to frighten the Arabs. He said he had a message for Israelis: ‘Get on the ships we are sending you and go back to your lands. Don’t let the moderate Arab leaders delude you, [you] cannot make peace with us. Our children will return to Palestine, you have no reason for coexistence. Even if our leaders will sign a peace agreement, we will not sign.’” He said the boat carrying journalists and parliamentarians will carry 12 former American diplomats as well.

Antisemitism and an admission that they don’t want peace. Double whammy.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

9:30PM: Statement from the Prime Minister’s Office:

Prime Minister’s Office – Statement

Following the Israeli Security Cabinet Meeting   (June 20th 2010)

Israel’s policy is to protect its citizens against terror, rocket and other attacks from Gaza.   In seeking to keep weapons and war materiel out of Gaza while liberalizing the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza, the Government of Israel has decided to implement the following steps as quickly as possible:

1. Publish a list of items not permitted into Gaza that is limited to weapons and war materiel, including problematic dual-use items.  All items not on this list will be permitted to enter Gaza.

2. Enable and expand the inflow of dual-use construction materials for approved PA-authorized projects (schools, health facilities, water, sanitation, etc.) that are under international supervision and for housing projects such as the U.N. housing development being completed at Khan Yunis.  Israel intends to accelerate the approval of such projects in accordance with accepted mechanisms and procedures.

3. Expand operations at the existing operating land crossings, thereby enabling the processing of a significantly greater volume of goods through the crossings and the expansion of economic activity.

4. Add substantial capacity at the existing operating land crossings and, as more processing capacity becomes necessary and when security concerns are fully addressed, open additional land crossings.

5. Streamline the policy of permitting the entry and exit of people for humanitarian and medical reasons and that of employees of international aid organizations that are recognized by the GOI.  As conditions improve, Israel will consider additional ways to facilitate the movement of people to and from Gaza.

6. Israel will continue to facilitate the expeditious inspection and delivery of goods bound for Gaza through the port of Ashdod.

Israel welcomes cooperation and coordination with its international and regional partners in implementing this policy and will continue to discuss with them additional ways to advance this policy.

The current security regime for Gaza will be maintained.  Israel reiterates that along with the U.S., EU and others, it considers Hamas a terrorist organization.  The international community must insist on a strict adherence to the Quartet principles regarding Hamas.

Hamas took over Gaza and turned it into a hostile territory from which Hamas prepares and carries out attacks against Israel and its citizens.  The Israel Defense Forces will continue to prevent the flow into and out of Gaza of terrorist operatives, weapons, war material and dual use items which enhance the military capability of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.   Israel calls on the international community to stop the smuggling of weapons and war materials into Gaza.

Gilad Shalit is approaching four years in captivity.  The international community should join Israel in strongly condemning those who hold him captive and in redoubling their efforts to secure his immediate release.

7:22PM: I’m probably just too keen on Separated at Birth posts, but c’mon, doesn’t the kid on the right look like a young Obama?

palestinian protest
Palestinian youths hold signs during a protest against the closure of the Shuhada Street to Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron, Saturday, June 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

5:20PM: Interesting (and disturbing) article on the phenomenon of Israelis moving to Germany to live.

5:15PM: Who are these “peace activists” who are organizing the next flotilla?

4:40PM: Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer and Robert Thomson, Editor-in-Chief of Dow Jones and Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal meet at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Fischer Thomson
(Photo by Alexander Aleshkin/Epsilon/Getty Images)

Thomson: “Damn, we look alike!”

3:42PM: Senior cabinet members have approved steps toward loosening Israel’s blockade on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamashole Mahmoud “Wart” Zahar said in an interview today that palestinians should initiate rocket attacks on Israel from the West Bank.


6:18AM: Propaganda of the day: In case you missed that they named the (Hizbullah-linked) ship heading to Gaza The Virgin Mary, someone has decided to make it slightly more obvious.

6:12AM: Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gabriela Shalev, has resigned.

A replacement for Shalev has not been announced, but Israel Radio reported that Yaffa Zilbershatz, the head of Bar-Ilan University’s law school, and Yossi Gal, CEO of the Foreign Ministry, are being considered for the job.

Bring back Dan Gillerman!

6:05AM: Quote of the day (from Thursday evening, actually):

The Rocket Man star refused to bow to pressure and follow in the footsteps of musicians like The Pixies and Elvis Costello and scrap his concert in response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine over the Gaza strip.

“Shalom, we are so happy to be back here! Ain’t nothing (sic) gonna stop us from coming, baby!”

“Musicians spread love and peace, and bring people together. That’s what we do. We don’t cherry-pick our conscience.”

Elton John, who went ahead with his Israel concert


Want to learn how to shoot with top Israeli anti-terror experts? Click here for more details.


43 thoughts on “The Day In Israel: Sunday June 20th, 2010”

  1. The IDF should send all female soldiers to stop this ship. At the very least, it would remove one potential source of PR for the blockade breakers.

      1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        Problem is, they don’t have the right training. Fleet 13 (correct translation?) are anti-terrorist experts. I mean this guy pulled a knife out of his gut, jumped into the water, and SURVIVED!

  2. Wow, Michele, you must have beat me to it by 11 seconds! :p

    Just to add that Stephen Frye, who played Jeeves in the series above, is an Israeli hating Jew.

  3. hello.

    did anyone call these idiots and tell them that the rafah crossing is open?

    oh thats right…cant let the world know that the worlds largest concentration camp is nothing of the sort

    here is an idea…why not a ship full of kids

    it could be the muslims version of the children crusade

    stop the world….i want to get off

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      You mean the one in the middle ages run by slave traders, so as to get kids (those that didn't die) to be sold into slavery?

  4. I've known about Haifa Wehbe for some time, and she has loads of videos on YouTube. Like so many other Lebanese women, she doesn't believe in burqas, is voluptuous and proud of it, and she knows Jack Shi'ite.

  5. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    No, for once I didn't. My wife will be shocked.

    "He said the boat carrying journalists and parliamentarians will carry 12 former American diplomats as well."

    You mean those "Washington Report "(or whatever it's called guys like the former U.S. ambassadors to Saudi Arabia who were paid off by the Saudis? These guys are worse than the terrorists. Boy, I wish someone would sink whatever boat they are on; one could not do the world a better favor.

    Oh, and they want to send the Jews back to where they came from? Like Lebanon, Syria, Jenin, and Hebron? Where they will then "chase us to the ends of the Earth"? Isn't that a lot of death camps for them to set up?

      1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        My cousin (as an American volunteer) programmed one of the radio-controlled explosive boats the were sent into the side of Egyptian ship out to invade Tel Aviv in 1948. (I don’t think anyone was hurt, but the brave Egyptians turned tail and ran.) Maybe I should ask him, he lives in Jerusalem.

        (I’m joking! That’s all I need, for Shabak to come interview me!)

  6. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    I assume all ofthe medicine is either uncertified or expired, so they can again accuse us of holding it back.

  7. I don't think Israel's politicians and it's population at large realize that this year will be a decisive one. If this flotillas are not obliterated from the sea, the message will be clear – Israel is incapable and unwilling of defending itself.

    A land attack will follow for sure, and no way Israel could defeat Turkey, Iran and sub-humans from hamas and hezbollah. US will play golf at the time.

      1. At this moment, I don't see any impediment for Turkish tanks columns to use Lebanon and Syrian roads in order to support hezbollah, and Iranians can use their ports + Turkish ones, not to speak about their common border.

        Turks can reach southern Lebanon in 24 hours, probably.

    1. You know its almost worth establishing a nuclear border, that is, nuke the entire borders of Israel a few hundred miles thick. When the Muslims go ballistic and try to invade, theyll all be irradiated.

  8. Aussie dave, dont’ know if you know anjy zahalim who have to face these flotilla idiots, but you might persuade them that tranquilliser gas should do the trick!
    Send these morons to sleep, pile them in a tidy heap on the deck of their ship and send them back to Lebanon or Syria, or wherever they come from!

    1. Shooting out their engines and then giving everyone 10 minutes to abandon ship before firing deck guns below the water line is what should have happened the first time and should be employed from hereon in.

  9. Jim from Iowa

    Good for Elton John for not caving into pressure and appearing in Israel. Although, he did play at Rush Limbaugh's 4th wedding celebration. Elton said something about building bridges (and the $1m fee he received). Maybe he's just not that choosy where he performs or maybe he really needs the money.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      Rush is about as pro-Israel as you can get (unlike some posters I could name), so it fits. At any rate, the other guys likely pulled out because they couldn’t sell, and EJ didn’t because he could. You don’t really think he writes his blog, do you?

  10. Jews moving back to Germany. *sigh* Thats pretty much enough for me to make aliyah. Why do they even bother terrorizing us? At this rate, in 50 years theyll outman us. Hopefully this Masada will hold out.

  11. Now that's a shame – Haifa Wehbe always makes me crack a giggle. She's like the Lebanese version of Britney Spears except better.

    I was under the impression that Cyprus would no longer allow ships aiming to break the blockade to sail from their port?

    Chemo medications sound dodgy. My grandfather never healed after some of that stuff dripped on his skin – There was a hole on his wrist for months, until he passed away. But I'm completely not a science student.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      No, they're poison, but that's the point. Same as radio – you're trying to kill the cancer w/o killing the patient. They did kill a friend of my wife's though.

  12. From after cross the ocean, I admire you people so much. This whole mess of these people trying to over power the whole world with Islam. Europe, UK and some of the USA is finally waking up to the threat. But the people of Israel are like the front troops against this madness. I sit here with butterflies in my stomach with the approach of this female flotilla and the outcome of that. I can imagine what all of you are going through.
    But lots of people in the free world, who are not slaves of Allah are with you.
    May Peace come to your land.

  13. I am an American woman. I have friends from the middle east, europe, all over the world, so I'm not some ignorant, hamburger-eating, gun-toting, un-cultured hypocrite who doesn't understand what's going on beyond the American borders.

    For many years…during my life, I've watched this 'war' go on between Israel and Palestine. Here, in the USA, many of us cannot understand why you two peoples cannot get along. You behave like animals towards each other. One is no more guilty than the other…although I do see Israel as being the bully here, as they have the upper hand with their weapons that the USA supplies to them. Most of the civilized world looks at you two as foolish children who cannot stop throwing stones at each other because you have different faiths in God. Neither of you are following your faith when you slaughter each other, fighting over lines in the sand.
    Is this something that God would approve of? Killing innocent families? It's insane !

    In my opinion, the United States should stop supplying Israel with any type of weapons. I do not want my tax money going towards your bombs that kill innocent civilians in Palestine. And I certainly do not approve of Hizbollah attacking innocents in Israel. BUT, I do understand where they are coming from. If the same thing happened here in the USA and part of our government decided to treat a group of people like they were not human beings because of their religion and especially if it was my religion, I certainly would stand up and fight against it. In my opinion, Hizbollah is quite similar to the Patriots who stood up against the British during the American Revolution here. I do not agree with how they launch bombs into Israel, trying to destroy whomever they land on…not knowing who…but I do understand their frustrations. It doesn't seem like anything else can get the world's attention to how badly you have been treating these people. No one seems to care because they are Muslim…and that is wrong.

    All human life is sacred and should be treated as such.

    And don't think I am a hypocrite by saying this. I do NOT agree with the USA being in the middle east. They do not belong there. I do not agree with the Iraqi war. And I want our troops to come home from Afghanistan and I do not believe they are making any progress, only making things worse.

    Why not start listening to the Palestinians and give them what they need? What is so hard about that? What is so hard about loving your neighbor? People need to talk. Use words, not fists. Reach out your hand to your neighbor in kindness, even if they hold a weapon and I think you will find that they do want the same thing. Everyone is tired of this fighting and tired of listening to the whining. For God's sake, this is the 20th century and you are fighting over land. How many more years are you going to continue to slaughter each other ? It is pathetic that you cannot come to terms over a piece of DIRT. I just want to grab you and shake you back to your senses. It is nonsense.

  14. At last a comment worth reading.
    How much blood is enough?
    How many more children to die in this pointless struggle?
    How much more hate to be generated?
    What a difference beween the words of what is now conveniently referred to as a self hating Jews such as Weiss and Goldstone and many of the commenters through these pages.
    “There is no other way by which you can keep people in subjection. You must either give them independence, recognize their rights as nations to live their own life and to set up their own form of government, or you must deny them these things by force.” (Woodrow Wilson)

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