IDF search and rescue teams yesterday retrieved the bodies of the six IAF servicemen killed in the helicopter crash in Romania.

helicopter victims
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office

The IDF delegation, which set up a forensics lab at a Romanian Air Force base here, worked throughout Wednesday to identify the body parts and was preparing to hold a ceremony on Thursday before lifting off for Israel.

The delegation consists of forensic experts and officers from the Chaplains Corps who are equipped with files on the fallen servicemen, including fingerprints, dental records and other markings that can be used in confirming the identities of the bodies.

Three IAF helicopters carrying about 60 soldiers from the air force’s search-and-rescue unit 669, officers and dogs from the Oketz canine unit, and Medical Corps representatives flew early on Tuesday morning to the Carpathian Mountains. Due to the tough terrain, the soldiers landed on a mountain 3 km. from the crash site and went the rest of the way on foot.

“The wreckage is scattered over a large area,” a senior IDF officer told The Jerusalem Post.

“The teams at the site worked to collect the remains and pieces of the wreckage that are required for the air force’s investigation into what caused the crash.”

Meanwhile, it looks like the crash was caused by a combination of human error and heavy fog and poor weather.

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11:25AM: Al Bawaba reports:

Israel is aiding an exiled sheikh who is vying to seize control of an important Gulf emirate some 65 kms from Iran. The Israeli ambassador to London, Ron Prosor, has met Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr al-Qasimi, the exiled crown prince of Ras al-Khaimeh (RAK), who asked him to help with his efforts to oust the current leadership of the emirate.

The meeting took place in London in March and has been followed by phone calls and wider assistance and advice, according to records of the relationship seen by the Guardian.

Khalid, who has been based in London and has hired a solicitor from Ickenham as his agent, is bidding to replace his ailing father, Sheikh Saqr, and half brother, Sheikh Saud, to take control of RAK.

Khalid, who was sent into exile in 2003, claims RAK is now acting as a trafficking hub for nuclear arms parts to Iran and has spent more than £4m on an international public relations and lobbying campaign to persuade U.S. politicians and the pro-Israel lobby in the US that it would be safer if he were in charge.

Prosor has pressed his contacts in the US government on behalf of Khalid whose aides asked for help setting up meetings in Washington with anyone interested in their claims about RAK’s alleged sanctions busting, particularly concerning parts for the Iranian nuclear development.

6:05AM: The latest in my A Taste of “Concentration Camp” Gaza series.

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  1. Its hard to sympathize with a Jewish lady supporting the enemy. I feel bad she was hurt, but when one supports the bad guys there are consequences. Arabs start wars, they lose land. Jews who support Arabs, especially those who support Hamas, deserve the misery that unfortunately was inflicted on her. Its bad enough Jews are castigated for defending themselves successfully for 62 yrs

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