The Day In Israel: Sun Oct 24th, 2010

Former US President/current Elder of Moron Jimmy Carter has defended Russian Jewish immigrants to Israel against Bill Clinton!

Carter ClintonFormer US President Bill Clinton sparked outrage last month when he said Russian immigrants in Israel pose an obstacle to peace. Jimmy Carter, the last Democrtic president before Clinton, is currently visiting Israel and has slammed him before an audience of Russian natives.

“I just heard today what President Clinton said and it was a mistake,” Carter said. The former president was a guest of a joint UN-Interpeace program aimed at exposing Russian speakers in Israel to the peace process.

“We’re both democrats, we’re both in the same party. He should not have said it and he was mistaken,” Carter stated.

The former president noted, “I’ve known the Russian Jews in Israel for almost 40 years. I knew the first group that came here and I met with them and I know that as much as anyone in Israel, perhaps more on an average, the Russian Jews that live here want to see peace. They want to see Israel recognized as all nations on earth, as a nation to live without threat,” he said.

“So he made a mistake. I’m sure if he had a chance to meet with you he would say he misspoke. “

I think Carter’s just jealous that Clinton got to act on the lust in his heart.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

5:15PM: Meet Israel’s new goodwill ambassador: former basketball star Tal Brody.

4:55PM: Ma’an news reports that Israeli television has shown footage of an Israeli nuclear reactor.

Rare footage of an Israeli nuclear reactor in the Galilee was aired by Israeli TV on Saturday evening, marking the first time Israel’s nuclear facilities have been openly broadcast to the public.

Channel 2’s Roni Daniel said there were many details about the reactor’s performance which he was not allowed to report on, and said the reactor was used for both civilian and military purposes.

“This reactor’s role is to monitor nuclear experiments and activities taking place underground in the world,” said a female expert working at the reactor. Staff, she said, would be alerted to preparations for nuclear experiments in North Korea, for example.

The nuclear reactor’s director told the reporter that the number of Israelis studying nuclear engineering had declined following the closure of the nuclear engineering department at Haifa’s Institute of Technology.

In August, former Israeli nuclear engineer and whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu completed a three-month sentence for breaking the terms of his release.

In the 1980s, Vanunu revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapon program to the British press, and was later kidnapped in Italy by a Mossad agent and tried in Israel.

Here’s the report to which they are referring.

David sums it up well:

A totally BS Palestinian “news” story: they got the Galilee mixed up with the Judean Hills area (Nahal Soreq), “secret” for a well-known research facility, breathless, “never-before-seen” footage with a pic from Iran’s Busheir reactor – oh, and confused Iran with N. Korea. Other than tha…t, heart-stoppingly good journalism, really.

4:35PM: A new world record for Gaza:

Palestinian officials in Gaza announced that more than 2,000 Palestinian racers succeeded on Saturday to break the Guinness world record for “Most people running hundred meters in a 12-hour relay continuously” inside Gaza city’s main stadium.

The Gaza-based al-Jazeera Sports Club in coordination with the British IF UK Charity Foundation organized the marathon rally in Gaza City’s al-Yarmook Stadium, where 2,395 racers from all-over the Gaza Strip participated and managed to break the world record.

Even more impressive for a “concentration camp.”

11:55AM: A palestinian flag has been placed on a Safed mosque..either by “unknown elements” or by someone with an “academic veneer.”

Don’t ask. I am also confused.

Unknown elements posted the Palestinian flag on a renovated mosque near a market in Safed on Saturday night.

“I noticed the flag that was hanging on the top of the minaret,” a local resident told Ynet. “It made me angry but also somewhat satisfied that the true face of the perpetrator with the academic veneer was exposed.”


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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