Open Thread: Computer Gremlins Edition

Blogging has been light since Saturday night due to problems with my computer.

computer gremlins

Me and my team of hamsters are working on it and will hopefully be able to solve the issue.

In the meantime, please treat the comments section of this post as a place to vent, discuss and dump links of interest.

6 thoughts on “Open Thread: Computer Gremlins Edition”

  1. Gremlins make me grumpy. For the sake of all mankind you must perservere. God speed, Dave and hamsters, you magnificent bastards!

    1. I love those old Warner Bros. cartoons from the '40's. They were so unselfconscious and free to express ideas that were drawn from common experience. There were messages in cartoons then, too, but they tended to focus on a common enemy that we all could fight against together like the Nazis. I know racism, sexism, anti-semitism all existed then and were sometimes reflected in the mass media, but this cartoon does make me nostalgic for a simpler time. A time before political correctness, before technologic advances made shared experiences less likely, before my joints would start to ache just from raking leaves.

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