The Day In Israel: Sun Dec 12th, 2010


Say it along with me: You reap what you sow, and these two sows have met the reaper.   

IDF fence
Photo by: Eli Hershkowitz

An IDF soldier sustained serious wounds and two Palestinian terrorists were killed during an incident near the Gaza border late Saturday evening.   

The incident began shortly after 9 pm, when soldiers manning an IDF observation spotted to suspicious figures approaching the security fence. IDF tanks opened fire and killed the terrorists, who were apparently crawling.   

Later, as soldiers were preparing to comb an area inside Palestinian territory, terrorists fired a number of rounds at them, apparently with assault rifles. One soldier was moderately wounded in the incident. He was airlifted to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba   

The IDF is checking whether the force was attacked by snipers or other terrorists in the area   

Please join me in praying for the speedy recovery of our brave soldier.   

Meanwhile, can you guess which of the following headlines from the Israeli English-language news sites is from Haáretz?   

IDF soldier injured, 2 terrorists killed in Gaza   

2 terrorists killed, 1 soldier hurt in Gaza encounter    

Two Palestinians killed, IDF soldier seriously wounded in exchange of fire on Gaza border   

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)   

7:22PM: Colbert on the Zionist Death Sharks.TM

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6:42PM: Fifth column watch:

Head of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch Raed Salah was released from Ramle’s Ayalon Prison Sunday morning, after five months imprisonment.

Speaking to supporters waiting outside the prison, Salah said, “In this welcoming I see confirmation of our eternal victory over occupied Jerusalem and the Aksa Mosque.”
The Islamic leader added, “I want to stress that this celebration today is only one celebration on the road to the big celebration, which is the expulsion of the Israeli occupation from Jerusalem and the Aksa Mosque.”

“I do not regret a single second in prison,” Salah told the crowd of mostly middle-aged men who crowded to shake his hand, hug him and kiss him reverentially on the cheeks. “Nothing is more righteous than the cause of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.”

 I guess for Salah, being kissed on the cheeks is better than the action his cheeks received in prison.*

* Sorry, I can’t resist prison jokes

4:25PM: The latest antics of anti-Israel BDSers in Brisbane, Australia.

Note the Santa with attitude, as well as the mandatory butch woman at 5:20 onwards.

3:50PM: Between 2003 and 2007, the New York Police Department (NYPD) posted detective Mordy Dzikansky in Israel as part of its foreign liaison program, to learn how to deal with terrorism. 

In this video, detective Dzikansky deals with a new foe: the wooden news reporter.

1:08PM: Zionist Phylacteries of Death.TM

An Israeli tourist aboard a New Zealand ferry was questioned by police for wearing Tefillin, TVNZ website reported on Sunday.

The captain of the inter-island vessel informed police that a passenger on board had been observed carrying “a suspicious article,” which contained “small boxes with wires attached to them.” 

A short police investigation revealed that the man was carrying the traditional ritual object, which caused suspicion among passengers. The man was released with no further charges 

Not again

11:15AM: The first signs of Winter are upon us, with some rain and very strong winds manifesting themselves. 

And while the rain is welcome (though insufficient),  the winds are another story.      

A Moldovan ship carrying 11 Ukrainian crew members was caught in a storm Sunday morning, about 13 kilometers (8 miles) off the Ashdod coast. 

The Taiwanese crew of ship passing by managed to rescue the sailors from their vessel, which was about to sink. The rescued crew members will likely not require medical care. 

According to initial reports, the ship’s captain reported of water entering the prow. Some of the crew members jumped into the water from the ship, which was making its way to the port city of Ashdod. 

The waves in the area are said to be between 8 to 10 meters (26 to 32 feet) high. 

Navy soldiers and a Yasur helicopter were dispatched to the area to help rescue the sailors. Due to the stormy weather, the rescue forces experienced difficulties. The ship is carrying some 3,200 tons of iron. 

The stormy weather, which began Friday morning after a long summer and dry fall, has caused hundreds of tree to collapse and many electrical power interruptions. 

The body of a Russian tourist, 41, who went missing Saturday in the Netanya sea, has been swept up to the shore. According to testimonies, the man was standing on the rocks facing the sea when he was swept into the water by a wave 

The search for the tourist was stopped Saturday evening due to the stormy weather. 

9:50AM: The AP has gone out of its way to suggest the two palestinians killed were not terrorists, but merely innocent people trying to find work, the victims of trigger-happy soldiers (hat tip: Michael)  

The Israeli military says troops have killed two unarmed Palestinians trying to cross into Israel from Gaza.  

The military says troops spotted the men near the security fence that separates Gaza from Israel, then shot and killed them. Fearful of militant attacks, the military says it does not fire warning shots when Palestinians are trying to cross from Hamas-ruled Gaza.  

Some Palestinians try to cross into Israel in search of work.  

The military says during searches after Saturday’s shooting, an Israeli soldier was moderately wounded.  

It said it was investigating whether he was shot by militants or accidentally by Israeli troops.  

But the IDF Spokesperson clearly indicates the IDF was fired upon, and makes no mention of friendly fire suspicions:  

An IDF soldier was moderately wounded during an exchange of fire near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip. The soldier was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital for further treatment.  

Earlier this evening, December 11th, IDF soldiers identified two suspects near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip. The force fired towards the suspects, and they were killed as a result. During searches at the scene, shots were fired at the force, apparently resulting in the injury of one of the soldiers. An additional fire exchange took place in the area a short time later, but resulted in no casualties among IDF soldiers. The incident is currently being investigated. 

Approximately 100 terror-related incidents took place near the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip since the beginning of 2010, an average of one incident every three days. 

The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for maintaining the calm in the Gaza Strip and for any terrorist activity emanating from it. The IDF will also continue to respond harshly to any attempt to use terror against the State of Israel. 

9:38AM: The moral decay of palestinian society seems complete.    

A slim majority of the respondents to a reader poll on Ma’an’s Arabic-language news site said sending Palestinian firefighters to help battle Israel’s fire was “disgraceful.”   

Firefighters from more than 16 countries helped to extinguish the blaze, the worst in Israel’s history, which broke out on Dec. 2 and spread through the Carmel forest for four days.   

Of 48,870 readers who responded to the 7-day poll, 50.3 percent (24,524) described Palestinians’ participation as a disgrace, but 48.7 percent (23,761) said sending Palestinian firefighters to help was civilized and a humanitarian duty.

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