We’ve pissed off the Turks. 



angry turkey
Angry Turkey


An agreement meant to prevent disputes over oil and gas fields may stir diplomatic crisis in Mediterranean: Turkish sources said Sunday that Foreign Ministry officials had summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Turkey Gabby Levy and expressed discontent over an agreement signed between Israel and Cyprus, which demarcates the exclusive economic zone within the territorial waters of the two countries and divides their rights to search for oil and gas reservoirs in the Mediterranean Sea.  

Maritime Agreement
According to a report published by a Turkish website, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan firmly opposes any maritime agreement between Cyprus and countries in the eastern Mediterranean, because it undermines the status of Turkish Cyprus and its stake of the territorial waters. 

During the meeting with Levy, officials at the Turkish Foreign Ministry stressed that “Turkey opposes the agreement until a just and inclusive solution is reached in the Cyprus conflict.” 

Turkey is the only country in the world that recognizes Turkish Cyprus. 

The report also stated that Turkey would not hesitate sending its naval forces to the area, in order to thwart any oil field exploration. 

According to the report, Turkey sees any such maritime agreement futile as long as there is no comprehensive peace agreement between Israel, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinians. 

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement in response, saying the agreement “was not meant to harm other countries in the region.” 

The ministry emphasized the importance of the agreement and stated it was “the first time Israel’s western border was set.” 

On Friday, Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau and Cyprus’ Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou signed an agreement that set the exclusive economic zone within the territorial waters of the two countries. The clarification of the borderline is essential in protecting Israel’s rights to oil and underwater gas reservoirs in the future. 

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top) 

4:42PM: An IDF soldier has claimed that three Arabs carring knives attempted to kidnap him from a petrol station in Givat Ze’ev.

Incidentally, Givat Ze’ev is where Kaye Wilson, one of the women stabbed in Saturday’s attack near Beit Shemesh, lives.

2:40PM: More on the victim of Saturday’s stabbing attack a few kilometers down the road from my house.

kristine_lukenThe mystery of the stabbing attack near Beit Shemesh continued to swell Monday as members of the missionary organization CMJ, to which murder victim Kristine Luken belonged, expressed their certainty that she had died in a terror attack. 

Kay Wilson, Luken’s friend, told police after her escape from the attack that she believed it had been nationalistically motivated. 
“We told the police that Kay is a serious and honest person who doesn’t make up stories,” Reverend David Pileggi of CMJ, short for ‘The Church’s Ministry among Jewish people’, told Ynet. He said the organization would hold a memorial ceremony for Luken on Thursday. 

Luken, who died at age 46, was born in Texas but recently moved to Nottingham, England, where she worked for the CMJ. She first came to Israel in 2007 as part of a Christian pilgrimage to visit holy sites. 

On CMJ’s website, Luken described the tour as deepening her understanding of the holy verse as well as her relationship with God.   

The visit caused her to become a full-fledged member of the group, and she soon left her Texas home for England and began to tour Israel more frequently. “She would go for work trips and help develop our museums and centers in Jerusalem,” Pileggi said. 

“She loved Israel, the culture, and especially the history of the Jewish people,” he added. 

Luken met Kay Wilson last August on the CMJ trip to Poland. “I was their group’s guide at the death camps and the Jewish community centers. They immediately connected with each other and identified with the story of the Jewish people, and became best friends. They both had a similar outlook on life and were very popular and funny, it was only natural for them to become friends. They also spoke of taking a trip to Israel together,” Pileggi recounted. 

But no one in the CMJ had been notified of Luken’s visit to Israel apart from Wilson. “I suppose she didn’t tell anyone she was coming because she knew that if she did, work would be found for her to do at the offices in Jerusalem,” the reverend surmised. 

She sounds like she was a special person. May her memory be blessed. 

1:40PM: Egypt has reportedly arrested 4 people on suspicion of spying for Israel. 

An Egyptian security official says four locals were arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel and plotting to kidnap of tourists to harm Egypt’s economy. 

Blame Game
The official revealed Sunday that the four suspects allegedly set up offices in Egypt, Britain, Israel, and Gaza to record officials’ phone conversations and collect information about Japanese and Chinese tourists visiting the Sinai Peninsula. 

The plan, according to the official, was for agents of Israel to then briefly kidnap the tourists, disrupting the Egypt’s vital tourism sector and damaging the economy. 

I wonder if these are the same individuals who dumped the hungry sharks in Egyptian waters. 

1:35PM: The detestable Max Blumenthal argues for BDS in a debate at Princeton. 

While the BS meter is off the charts for the majority of his speech, I had a particularly big chuckle when he suggested there was no pro-Israel speaker from an established organization because of anxiety and a reluctance to debate the topic. 


16 thoughts on “The Day In Israel: Mon Dec 20th, 2010”

  1. OK, the Turks are a bunch of jerks. I get it. I've got more important things to think about. Like why I'm not getting any cool electronic Christmas cards. I saw one on some site that imagined Maury Povich's Christmas card with the theme that, at the manger, Maury reveals the following paternity test results: "Joseph, you are not the father." Then it ends with "Maury Christmas."

    1. Wow, thanks for pointing me to that article. The Ynet article to which I linked did not mention that, and made her sound like a philo semite. I share your disdain for missionaries, but do not feel comfortable wishing for her to rot in hell. I assume she did not realize the harm she was causing.

      1. Oh, they know very well what they're doing. They get put through all the explanations from our side in their "training". They are not the equivalent of suckered dope couriers.

        Anyway, this is all over the Jewish blogosphere today.

        1. I doubt they think they are destroying Jewish neshamot. They think they are getting us to heaven. As completely and utterly wrong as they are, I don't think they are evil, say, like Arafat who deserves to rot in hell.

          As for the Jewish blogosphere, I hate to admit to this, but I don't read other Jewish blogs. Not b/c there are no good ones, but due to a lack of time. I hardly have time to work, play and write my own blog!

          1. To quote the Israel Insider site owner himself:

            "…I take no pleasure in this woman's death. But the revelation of her ties and those of Kaye Wilson to this disgusting organization, which aims by hook or by crook to steal and pervert Jewish souls, certainly tries one's compassion for the death of another human being.

            Self-righteous Christians who think they are "saving" Jews or Israel would best stay and home and concentrate on improving and correcting themselves. To listen to these self-important twits preaching about how they are "educating" Jewish kids in Israel to induce vomit among anyone with a still-intact Jewish conscience. Yeah, the world is full of dupes, and dopes."

            1. You have to ask yourself, why focus on the Jews? I don't know if they're evil, but they are misguided and self-righteous, and should be escorted out of the country. I only wish there was a Hell for them to go to. The idea that if you are not a comitted Christian, then your life is incomplete is arrogant nonsense.

              1. Evangelizing (essentially the equivalent of missionizing) is a primary pillar of christianity.

                Why are we the biggest trophy on the shelf? Elementary:

                1. "to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." – Romans 1:16

                2. "But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." – Matthew 10:6

                We are fed up!
                [youtube i-6L_hT3QtQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-6L_hT3QtQ youtube]

    2. what she was doing was not good….but she didnt have to die in such a manner

      would be nice if they all left us alone

      1. I'm not advocating anyone's death here. To paraphrase a line from "Fiddler on the Roof": "May G-d bless and keep the missionaries far away from us!"

        But I'll have no pity on them, whether they were murdered or choked to death on a chocolate easter bunny.

  2. Shy Guy says; "Evangelizing is a primary pillar of Christianity." Is that why we have a proselytizing group here in Chicago calling themselves "Jews For Jesus"?

    1. They work internationally, not just in Chicago. So called "christians friends of Israel" pump their coffers full to do their thing.

      I will just add that there are 100s, if not 1000s, of ministries around the world, involved in attempting to destroy Jewish souls. You'll find them in S. Korea, Russia, throughout Europe, in South America, India, South Africa, Australia and NZ, the US and Canada and all over the place in Israel.

  3. these socalled spy cases are all a joke

    israel doesnt want to disrupt egypts economy…which would in turn hurt the israeli economy

    as for max… the next time he visits israel, may he be the one who is visited by arabs bearing long knives….

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