I’m Right So Therefore I’m Wrong? Silent Echoes At NYT Blog

Brian of London again. Hey there Robert Mackey at the Lede Blog in the New York Times, how does it sound over there in your echo chamber? So a funny thing happened just before Shabbat. Yisrael Medad from My Right World drew my attention to a blog posting on the New York Times blog by Robert Mackey and the associated comments. Support for Israel’s Settlements From Europe’s Right is Robert Mackey’s distant take on the trip by European MP’s to see whats really going on in Israel that readers here might remember because I was actually with them! New Right Old Wrong – Counter Jihad Is Not Left Or Right.

Anyway after seeing Yisrael’s comment and then a second one of his (which was subsequently removed) I thought I’d put in one too. I kept it (mostly) respectful and to the point but it never saw the light of day so here it is: all the “news” that’s not fit for the ideology of the New York Times.

Unlike the esteemed and inestimable Mr Mackey, I attended first hand both events he writes about in this blog posting. In hind sight I probably shouldn’t have left the group of “nouveau right” European MPs to rush back to see Wilders speak in Tel Aviv as I would have learned a lot joining them on their trip to meet the brave young men and women who defend me from the poor, oppressed Gazans who, only this week managed to score a successful hit on a teenage girl.

Still, I did actually talk to these people with an open mind and, even though I had my “Jew Hate Radar” turned up to the max, I couldn’t detect any. I particularly enjoyed my conversation over a fine piece of fish with Filip Dewinter and his colleagues from Vlaams Belang about the amazing benefits to Israel of immigration (he agreed) and how good Israel has been at absorbing levels of immigration that no other country in the world could ever contemplate: 1 million Russian Jews in 10 years into 5.5 million. And this with a supposedly “anti immigration” MP. The problem is not immigration: its the attitude of the immigrants of course.

No, the only consistent Jew hatred I detect these days comes from the murderous Muslims who are hoping the rocks and trees will cry out and their willing accomplices in the West who would undo the vast advances that Jews have made in the swamp to which Islam had reduced this amazing land.

If you’re interested in a full account of the trip to Samaria (at complete odds with the one here) try googling the phrase “Israellycool new right old wrong”.

And to the poster above who asked “Haven’t the Palestinians suffered enough?”

NO! If only for the collective punishment that defending against Palestinian invented aircraft terrorism will once again inflict on millions of innocent people as they are humiliated, irradiated and groped all over the world this CHRISTMAS.No, I don’t think they have suffered enough.

I also put in the following which, again, was never published.


Isn’t the larger question how 800,000 (insert your own preferred number here) Levant Arab refugees has become how many million today? As Jews might say at the Passover table: why are these refugees different from all other refugees?

By their definition, I’m a refugee and so’s my wife!


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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