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Abu Sisi

“The kidnapping of Abu Sisi is an example of Israeli contempt for international law and the international community.”

?Sami Abu Zohi, spokesperson for that great upholder of international law, Hamas

As for the imprisonment of Abu Sis, I doubt we would have gone to great lengths to capture some random palestinian engineer in the Ukraine. He knows something.

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  1. dave,

    israel couldve and shouldve done what america does when she renditions a filthy terrorist…take the filthy bastard to a black ops prison in poland…torture the crap out of him, then bring him to america for trial

    what did israel do?

    well…they brought him to israel, gave him phone privledges, let him call his bro…who then contacted someone on haaretz….who leaked the story to dickie capostein

    it is time for israel to end the gag orders….they make no sense in the internet age….and this time, turned dickie into some hero journalist

    if the guy was a dangerous terrorist…he would be dead now

    if he was captured because he knows about shalit…well that is blown

    if he was captured because he works on arms smuggling….then show the evidence

    the israeli bureaucracy is insane

  2. It's not very hard to guess what he knows. Hamas built in Gaza a network of bunkers, control and communication centers, weapon manufactures and training facilities, and will depend on them during the coming war. But all of them have something in common – they need a lot of electricity. It looks like Abu was managing such projects for Hamas.

    Even if he doesn't talk (I'm sure he does or will), his capture jeopardize the whole 'real estate' military infrastructure in Gaza. Today Hamas leaders can't feel safe in the five-star underground apartments, that cost them so much time, money and effort. I don't see them hiding in spider holes instead, so I think the war is delayed to next year or later.

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