Israel Ha Yom On Glenn Beck


OK, OK, Brian of London is probably stretching things with another Glenn Beck post but I also want to point you toward Israel Hayom which I’m becoming quite fond of as a new source of high quality Israeli news in English. It is refreshingly free of left leanings which is a pleasant surprise.

I’m really hoping I can attend his event on 8/24 (or even 24/8 if you can get your dates the right way round). He hasn’t announced arrangements for tickets in Israel yet but here’s hoping!

Here is a link to a long interview they conducted with Glenn Beck:

Israel Hayom’s Question: I was raised in Israel and taught to trust the American president almost like the Israeli prime minister. Is that still true?

“Even if Bush were still president today, I would give you a similar answer: look, I’m coming from a place in Poland where the king once granted the Jews a place to live. He said to them, here you will be protected. And they were protected – until one day he died, and then they weren’t so safe anymore.

Don’t trust anyone except yourselves. Israel needs to demand from the world the right to defend itself. Don’t trust us or anyone else to protect you, because at some point, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, you will be let down, because everyone else has different interests than yours.”

And that is why we can’t be Dhimmis and live under Muslim rule ever again. Read the whole thing if you’re interested.

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