I’m A Palestinian And So Is My Wife

So just who is a Palestinian? Yisrael Medad is wondering if there aren’t a few more Palestinians out there than perhaps the Arabs are counting on when it comes to registering for elections.

Here are the rules, see if you can enter the sweep stakes.

It is defined so –

Every Palestinian is entitled to register as a voter for PNC elections in the civic registration drive, if:

He/she is not already registered in the voter register of the PNA in the 1967 occupied Palestinian territory; and, He/she will be 18 years old at the time of the elections.

In line with relevant PLO and PNA laws, a person shall be considered Palestinian, if:

1. S/he was born within the borders of Palestine as defined during the British Mandate era, or was entitled to acquire the Palestinian nationality under the applicable laws at that time;
2. S/he was born in the 1967 occupied Palestinian territory;
3. One of his/her ancestors falls under the application of paragraph (a) or (b) above, irrespective of where s/he was born;
4. S/he is a spouse of a Palestinian.

I’m a Palestinian on the basis of:

  • Rule 3. I’m Cohenim so I can trace ancestry way back… one them lot must have been born in the “old country”!
  • Rule 4. My wife was born in the borders of “Palestine” (1), as was her mother, her father, her maternal grand mother and her maternal great grand mother: born in Hebron I believe so rule 2. and who I met briefly and who told me it was slightly better under the British than the Turks.

And of course, I wouldn’t be Brian of London if I hadn’t found a gratuitous way to sneak in a Monty Python clip!

20 thoughts on “I’m A Palestinian And So Is My Wife”

  1. My Mother-in-Law has maintained for years that she is the real Palestinian, and not all these people born in Lebanon and other places, claiming to be Palestinian. Unlike them, she was actually born in a country officially called Palestine (Tel Aviv, 1933).

  2. Funny, Brian, you don’t look Palestinian. What’s the difference, anyway? You’re practically kissing cousins. You both live up to sacred traditions of your father. And of your father’s father. And of your father’s father’s father…

  3. Every Jew is a Palestinian, and only a Jew is a Palestinian. There are about 13 million Palestinians in the world, and none of them are the ones called “Palestinians” in the news.

    The truth that every Jew is a Palestinian is established in the Midrash’s comparison of Moses and Joseph, in answering the question why Joseph’s request to be interred in the Land of Israel (a.k.a. Palestine) was granted while the same request by Moses was refused. HaShem answered Moses, “Because Joseph said he was a Hebrew while you did not.” That was when Jethro’s daughters referred to him as an Egyptian to their father and he said nothing, whereas Joseph called himself a Hebrew in front of both his cellmates and the Pharaoh. The commentators then ask a question: “But was Moses not indeed born in Egypt?” And they answer: “Therefore it is seen that every Jew regardless of birthplace is a native of the Land of Israel.”

    Palestine for the Palestinians! End the injustice of the Arab occupation and settlements in Palestine now! No justice, no peace!

    1. Initially, I thought at long last, I’m finally getting to this guy. He’s having a real kumbaya moment reaching out to the self-described Palestinian people preaching peace and harmony between Arabs and Jews. And then it all came crashing down with the realization that this is the same old ziontruth. Love makes the world go round, but hate goes down to the bone.

      1. “Love makes the world go round, but hate goes down to the bone.”

        Singing kumbaya can blind you to the knife hidden behind your enemy’s back, and hating those who want you dead is basic life-preserving sanity. But those who were in the Sixties don’t remember how they came crashing down, and hippie dreams are not to be disturbed by the real world outside no matter what.

        1. Hippie dreams can come true. Look at Steve Jobs. Or Cheech and Chong. Which reminds me of an idea for their next movie: “Cheech and Chong in the Holyland.”

          1. Yep. Hippies dream of making a few 100 million or several billion and leaving the commune behind.

            Works for normal folks, too. Funneh dat.

          2. Um, no. During the ’60s, the so-called anti-war people complained that the recently-invented internet (*) was a plot fro mthe evil government to control everyone. Ironic, no?

            By the way, I wish I could afford a iPhone or iPad, you know, like the ones owned by those poor downtrodden masses at OWS.

            (*) A.K.A. ARPANET, developed for DARPA by about the most conventional dafense contractor you can imagine.

  4. My dad was a survivor of the Camps…liberated from Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Wanted to go to Israel, afterwards, but the relief organizations wanted him to come to the U.S. where he stayed, because he had a good education; he proceeded to become a famous microbiologist.

    He passed away 25 years ago, but my mother recently found some old papers of his. He had been issued a passport for Israel, while he was still in Europe; in Hebrew, it said Medinat Yisroel.

    In English, it read “State of Palestine”, as it was issued in ’46 or ’47. So yeah, my dad coulda been a Palestinian too!

    1. Oy! You mean you’re a feffer. Dr. Pepper is what Southern Goyim drink to wash down the pork rinds and moon pies.

  5. My aunt from Kew Garden Hills, Queens, is also a Palestinian, born in Tel Aviv with Palestine on her birth certificate.

    Of course, if we try to enter Ramalla, they will kill us. Because we know that they don’t practice apartheid. The PA is NOT South Africa. (It’s Nazi Germany.)

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