Completely Honest Deception


Last night Itamar Marcus, the founder of Palestinian Media Watch, appeared for a full 30 minutes with Glenn Beck on his show in New York. It is hard for me to put into words how important Itamar and his team are in exposing the real lies and deceptions that our so called peace partners practice. Itamar is in New York promoting his new book “Deception”. The whole interview, in two parts, is below.

Part 2 will follow part 1 automatically.

As readers here know I’m a fan of Glenn Beck and GBTV and a subscriber and I can’t recommend it more highly. GBTV have put up 8 minutes of this interview but I think the whole 30 mins are worth watching so I’ve YouTubed it. Something tells me that Glenn Beck and his team are smart enough to know that this is a worthy copyright infringement and so they won’t tell me to take it down as the BBC would. If you like what you see here, go to and consider subscribing because Beck is putting out amazing content like this every night.

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