Best of 2011: Top 10 Separated at Births


The votes are in…

#10 (0 votes): Champion jockey Glenn Boss and actor Steve Carrell (first posted Sept 23rd)

#9 (1 vote): Some Arab kid and Webster (first posted Aug 15th)

#8 (2 votes): Israeli playwright and screenwriter Edna Mazia and actress Mary Tyler Moore (first posted July 13th)

#7 (4 votes): Tie between:

Israeli ambassador to Australia Yuval Rotem and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (first posted Jan 3rd)

Israeli Judge Judith Shevach, and Sarah Palin (first posted March 22nd)

Chilean miner photographed in a hole at the Dead Sea and Saddam Hussein (first posted Feb 28th)

#4 (7 votes): Israeli actor-singer Eli Gorenstein and Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff (first posted Nov 20th)

#3 (8 votes): Recently killed dictator Muammar/Moammar/Moammer Gaddafi/Ghaddafi/Gadhafi/Qaddafi and antisemitic fashion designer John Galliano (first posted March 11th)

#2 (15 votes): Antisemitic student Paul Donnachie and Ghostbuster’s Mr Stay Puft (first posted Sept 14th)

Drum roll, please..

#1 (25 votes): Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein and Mrs Doubtfire (first posted Nov 23rd)

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