Reasons To Buycott Danone

Today’s Buycott post, inspired by the Mosque dwelling Jew haters of the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s handy free poster, is the food manufacturer Danone. In a rather startling turn of events, I don’t even have modify their reasons why you should buy from Danone! I could fix their typos but I feel it is more authentic to leave those in.

In July 1998 Danone opened its R&D facility in Israel – the Danone Insitute (sic), and later the same year in October 1998 Mr. Franck Riboud, on behalf of Danone received the Jubilee Award by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.[Jubilee Award]

Danone owns a 20% share of Israel’s second largest food company, the Strauss Group. Danaone Israel is the hub supplying Danone products to the whole Middle-East including Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Jordan. [I bet that’s popular: if it’s good enough for Egypt you’d think it would be good enough for the UK.]

This has been another in the Israellycool Buycott series based on the poster put out by Islamic groups in the UK and distributed for free to Mosques all over the UK.


Brian of London

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