Fail Of The Day

..belongs to this Reddit contributor, who decided to link to a well known image hosted on my blog.

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He linked to this photo.. proof that the IDF brutalizes innocent children.

It’s a shame he did not include the post from which it was taken.

His response when I pointed this out to him?

The surroundings have been artificially made so it looks like it’s from Bahrain. Google “photorealistic CGI” and see what can be done with tools way more advanced than Photoshop.

The same tools are used in Hollywood to make Special Effects and they can be misused to generate artificial footage and stills that can be used as False flag evidence.


3 thoughts on “Fail Of The Day”

  1. Loved your comment in the thread “I’d ask you to take your meds, but chances are they were invented by a Jew, so it’s on your boycott list.”

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