If That’s Your Definition Of Islamist I Am An Islamist – Lord Ahmed

Yesterday MEMRI broke a rather large story. I saw this when it came through my email:

Britain’s Lord Nazir Ahmed Offers £10 Million Bounty for Obama, Bush

During a recent visit to Pakistan, Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the British House of Lords who originally hails from Pakistani Kashmir, announced he was putting up a bounty of £10 million for the capture of U.S. President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush. The announcement, made at a conference held in the Pakistani town of Haripur, came in response to a recent U.S. announcement offering a $10 million reward to anyone providing information leading to the capture of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, founder of the Pakistani jihadi organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and emir of LeT’s charity arm, Jamaatud Dawa.[1]

As ever, all MEMRI has done is find something that another one of the west’s fifth column infiltrators and destroyers says when he thinks nobody is paying attention. Well we’ve got news for you “Lord” Ahmed: you’re not the only one in the world who reads the Pakistani press.

This is the same Killer Lord Ahmed who was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving (he was probably texting when he drove into a stationary broken down car and killed a man). The circumstances around how he wriggled out of a conviction for dangerous driving and was then released very early from his prison sentence smack of political string pulling.

It was also Lord Ahmed that called for 10,000 Muslims (a highly significant number from the Koran) to march on the Houses of Parliament if Geert Wilders was allowed into the UK. It’s likely that his threats of violence caused the Home Secretary to block Wilders entry (which was later found to have been unlawful). Geert returned to the UK successfully a few months later.

He is also the same Lord Ahmed who I personally invited to a lunch time talk given by Bat Ye’or at the House of Lords in 2007! I personally printed envelopes and stuffed invitations to every member of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I also invited a fair few of the media. We had a pretty good turn out for these kinds of events, maybe 50 or 60 and among the audience, much to everyones surprise was Lord Ahmed.

He sat and listened to Bat Ye’or’s presentation of her Eurabia thesis and at the end his arm went up to ask a question. The moderator (Edward Leigh MP whose office had invited Bat Ye’or to speak) called on him.

He gave a breathless and largely incoherent admonishment to Bat Ye’or: told her that everything she had said was rubbish (without refuting any facts) but he ended with something very clear:

“If that is your definition of an Islamist, madam, I am an Islamist.” – Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

And then he got up and left.

Her definition of an Islamist was pretty much the same one we use today: someone seeking to take over and rule the world, in this case using the political part of Islam’s political military complex.

So I think we should probably take him seriously when he puts a bounty on the head of the sitting and former presidents of the US and, in my opinion, ask Muslims world wide to go and kill them. Are you paying attention over there in the Secret Service? That’s a credible threat against the life of not one, but two of your presidents.

Original Invitation to the event: EURABIA-London-MPs-23 Jan – author.2007

40 thoughts on “If That’s Your Definition Of Islamist I Am An Islamist – Lord Ahmed”

  1. For the life of me, I just can’t work out why there is a Pakistani born Lord in the first place.

    You said it Brian, 5th columnists.

    1. AndrewHolling98

      STV, it’s par for course, a total clean out would involve ridding the House of Lords of peers who have allegiances to foreign occupying powers. Including Israel, a country which is occupying land illegally and is in breach of UN resolutions. MP’s and Lords and members of both houses who tout for or pimp for terrorism as Lord Ahmed does, or state terrorism (Israel) are a 5th column.

      1. “Israel, a country which is occupying land illegally and is in breach of UN resolutions.”

        You don’t make the law, anti-Zionist scum, and neither does the den of snakes called the United Nations.

        All Jewish population centers within the entire Land of Israel are legal. All Arab population centers within the entire Land of Israel are illegal colonial settlements stealing land from the Jewish nation and will have to be dismantled for the sake of a just and viable peace in the Middle East.

  2. Brian, our Secret Service has other things on its, um, mind. Don’t you read the American press at all? I’m a little disappointed Lord Haw Haw left off Dick Cheney from his list, though.

    1. AndrewHolling98

      Yup, Cheney enabled the OSP to make up a non existent threat of WMD. Recall Gillingham.

      The spies who pushed for war

      Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force

      The OSP was an open and largely unfiltered conduit to the White House not only for the Iraqi opposition. It also forged close ties to a parallel, ad hoc intelligence operation inside Ariel Sharon’s office in Israel specifically to bypass Mossad and provide the Bush administration with more alarmist reports on Saddam’s Iraq than Mossad was prepared to authorise.

      “None of the Israelis who came were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels,” said one source familiar with the visits. Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith’s authority without having to fill in the usual forms.

      The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith and other Washington neo-conservatives had with Israel’s Likud party.

  3. Is he the one after whom Jeff Dunham modelled his namesake?
    Seems like they have more things in common than the Religion of Peace©.

  4. Jawbone of an Ass

    Someday soon, a suicide bomber in Parliament will be labeled someone ‘exercising their free speech rights’.

      1. There is a big to-do here in the states over Secret Service men in an advance team cavorting with ladies of the evening in Cartagena, Colombia prior to the Western Hemisphere summit held last week, and as a result, this noble branch of the government has become a laughingstock until the headlines die down.

    1. The article in the Independent you have linked to says nothing about any denials, though no doubt they have been made or will be made by or on behalf of Ahmed.

      Interesting, though, that you have nothing to say about Lord Ahmed, chosing instead to go OT with your “Bush is a war criminal” crap.

  5. AndrewHolling98

    DCDoc, I object to Israeli occupationists intefering in British parliamentary affairs. Butt out. STV’s comment was out of order when you consider he is an Israel Loyalist having the nerve to callout Ahmed, instead of the Israel Firsters who dragged us into war. I suspect Ahmed is being targeted by Israel Occupation Loyalists because he is a Palestinian sympathiser.

    Israe is squatting on Palestinian Land, Ahmed is on their side, as am I.

    1. “I object to Israeli occupationists intefering in British parliamentary affairs.”

      I object to British (or any other) meddlers interfering in Jewish national affairs, especially with regards to the inalienable right of the Jewish nation to inhabit its own land (the Land of Israel a.k.a. Palestine) without limit.

      “…he is an Israel Loyalist… the Israel Firsters who dragged us into war.”

      And you are an Islam-firster, an enabler of Islamic imperialist aggression waged against both Britain and Israel, and therefore a quisling who should be tried and charged with high treason.

      “I suspect Ahmed is being targeted by Israel Occupation Loyalists because he is a Palestinian sympathiser.”

      Ahmed is an honest Islamic imperialist, a faithful soldier in the struggle (“jihad”) to install Islamic rule over the world, per mainstream Islamic doctrine. If only you were as honest about your treason.

      “Israe is squatting on Palestinian Land,”

      Palestine is Jewish land. Arab imperialists are squatting on Jewish land; they will have to be expelled one day, all of them, if there is to be peace in the Middle East. No peace without justice; the injustice of the Arab nation stealing Jewish land cannot stand.

      “…Ahmed is on their side, as am I.”

      Interventionist meddler. As always, the Jew-haters are guilty of precisely that which they blame the Jews for (substitute “Zionist” for “Jew” for the same idea with a change of names).

    2. Firstly, I know being a hypocrite is a national past time but calling me an Israel loyalist and then saying that you stand with palestine has to take the cake.

      Nothing comes before my country but Israel is under sustained attack by the very same people ruining my country and for no greater ‘crime’ than Israelis exercising their rights to live in their homeland.

      These same people are guilty of giving us up to the EU, instigating mass immigration, imprisoning people for expressing their views and forcing their buzzword derived policies of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ down our throats whilst legislating to make it OK to discriminate against the indigenous population.
      These people have sold us down the river.

      I support Israel and Israelis because they are in the right and it would be entirely hypocritical to want my homeland to be for it’s people whilst denying them the very same opportunity.

      My beliefs have been shaped by my experience in the middle east and in Britain. Israel is an example to the whole world having built the strongest tech sector outside of California, their expertise and ingenuity are exactly the qualities we used to be known for and we should be more than glad to learn from them.

      We have an enormous opportunity to talk and share expertise and ideas on all levels with Israeli society but we just won’t do it.

      I will also say that the average Brit has far more in common with the Israelis than they ever will with the Islamic countries people. Probably because he Jewish people share many of our most basic beliefs.

      Yet we do not defend Israel, we spend blood and treasure to fight for Muslims who happily turn around and stab us in the back and we jump into bed with every despot we can before we even consider talking to an Israeli.

      I’m fed up with it. Id much rather have Israel on our side than have to worry about appeasing the muslims at home and I wish that people in Britain had half the balls to do what Dave and Brian do in defending the interests of their country.

  6. AndrewHolling98

    Just so you don’t misunderstand. I support Israel’s right to exist, but unless Israel gets off Palestinian land and back to the 48 borders, the world will lose patience, and Israel will find itself at the receiving end of what it indirectly dishes out, via AIPIC, the Lobby, OSP and poodles like Cheney and Bush and now Obama.

    It will be the ‘shock and awe’ that will leave Irgun turning in their graves, and wishing they had never murdered our men in Palestine, to begin with.

    1. I see that you don’t get it. If you want to help the Arabs, do something positive for them instead of trying to tear Israel down. Invest in their businesses, build schools and medical facilities, move them from UNRWA concentration camps into permanent homes on the West Bank. All this campaigning against Israel has done nothing to improve Arab lives.

    2. OK, you have made it abundantly clearly just how impressively ignorant and offensive you are, so will try to ignore you and your stupidities.

      Will just point out that objecting to your terrorist-loving Lord offers of a bounty for the “capture” of the US’s immediate past president and its current one is in no way a matter of interference in your parliament’s affairs, least of all by any of those you would call out. But again, thank you for making clear to all what an ignoramus you are, and thanks so much for your grant to Israel of the right to exist on the terms you specify. (Say, are you a George Galloway/Ken Livingstone fan?)

    3. Jawbone of an Ass

      Well it’s good to know you don’t actually hate the people you want to exterminate. You’re just following orders, as it were.

    4. 48 was a ceasfire line, it was just where we managed to hold the Arabs back from destroying us. It’s meaningless. It won’t happen. Clinging to it will be the end of all hope (or justification) for any other state inside the borders of Israel. If Jordan is renamed, well and good, but the window for another state here is closing.

      Jerusalem is Jewish. End of. We’ll keep it open to all but it will never be Dhimmified again.

      There is no Israel in ’48 borders. There is only a stepping stone to death. We’re not doing that again.

      But thanks for visiting. Glad you found the site. I’ll pass on your regards to Bat Ye’or the next time I see her.

      1. “Jerusalem is Jewish. End of. We’ll keep it open to all but it will never be Dhimmified again.”

        You might have amplified that a bit, noting the presence of Jews in Jerusalem since time immemorial.

        Jordan gained control of East Jerusalem (the part so wrongly called “Arab Jerusalem”) and the West Bank after the ’48 war of aggression it launched against the nascent Jewish state, occupying what had never been theirs and which only a couple of other nations, one being the Muslim state of Pakistan (which only came into being when Britain finally gave up its Asia Minor colony), ever recognized. When the Hashemite Kingdom, which the British parachuted in from Saudi Arabia when they were conniving with the French to carve up the Middle East according to their own interests, became was the illegal occupier of those lands West of the Jordan River (Transjordan), they made it Judenrein, destroying the many synagogues there, desecrating Jewish graves and taking headstones to be used for latrines, forcing out the Jews who had been resident for millenia(!), and denying them access to their holy sites. And it was that way for almost 20 years, until Israel defeated them in ’67, when the Jordanians again tried in concert with Egypt and its other Arab partners to destroy Israel and its Jewish population.

        What the ugly likes of AndrewHolling98 hope to see is those parts turned over to the Palestinians so they can make it Judenrein again.

        But it really is a waste of time to go back and forth with a AndrewHolling98‘s sort.

    5. “I support Israel’s right to exist,”

      Very generous of you. You deserve a medal for upholding a self-evident right. /sarc

      “…but unless Israel gets off Palestinian land…”

      All of Palestine is Jewish land; the Jewish nation is the one and only true Palestinian nation, regardless of the lie of Arab settler-colonist land-grabbers presenting themselves as “Palestinians” to mask their imperialist struggle to rob the Jews of their one and only piece of land in the world.

      “…and back to the 48 borders,…”

      The Arab imperialists are not willing to settle for the 1949 borders, any more than the Nazis were satisfied with the Sudetenland alone.

      “…the world will lose patience…”

      The world lost its right to any opinion on the matter last century.

      “…will leave Irgun turning in their graves, and wishing they had never murdered our men in Palestine,…”

      The Irgun people can only be wishing now they had done more, to sway the treacherous Britain of World War II from its complicity with the Holocaust that it engaged in by closing off to Jewish refugees the one land that was, is and always will be actually theirs.

  7. AndrewHolling98

    dc, The piece is an excercise in misinformation, if you cannot see that then you’re the one with the problem.

    NormanB, What does that have to do with the Israel’s occupation? Even if we did that, it cannot be ignored.

    See Twitter.

    1. Oh, so the Express Tribune of Pakistan, which partners with the International Herald Tribune, a New York Times company, is a Zionist tool putting out “misinformation” about one of your admirable parliamentarians, Nazir Ahmed, and this same person who earlier you called a tout for or pimp for terrorism is being targeted by “Israel Occupation Loyalists because he is a Palestinian sympathiser.” Wow, how do you manage to be so in the know, do you get it from the Guardian, or from still more leftist, Israel-hating outlets?

    2. “What does that have to do with the Israel’s occupation?”

      None of your business, interventionist anti-Zionist scum. What gives you the right to dictate to the Jewish nation-state? What if I were to post on your forums harping on Britain’s occupation of Northern Ireland? I don’t care about the issue, just as you shouldn’t care about what goes on in the Middle East. The world is not a global village.

  8. AndrewHolling98

    The piece by the guy calling himself Brian of London, that is. He complained about Ahmed whilst quoting a Zio terror supporter, Batty yeor,

    As I said, I support Israel, but if you cannot extend the same freedom, and dignity that you think is Israel’s right to the Palestinians, then again you are the one with the problem.

    Obama is a poodle. He was brought in to bring about change and not carry on with the status quo. Again I’m all for the indictment, of war mongering Bush, Cheney, Obama. Nothing objectionable about what Ahmed said. If they want war, they should begin by ending the Israeli occupaton. That is what Obama should have done.

    DCdoc, lest you misunderstand, I only support Israel within 48 borders if it ends the occupation, otherwise I favour military action against Israel. The UN should impose a solution by sending troops. That would be good for Israel, and for Palestine, and for the world at large.

    And no, I’m not a Jew hater, I have Jewish friends, and none of them like or support Zio fascism, nor endless bloodshed, nor pretend there is a ‘global jihad’ after the US Zio inspired fascists invade and steal, as if invading and stealing oil wouldn’t inspire a backlash regardless of what your ‘religion’ is. George Galloway, is far away from me, no I am not his constituent. Ken is cool.

    For heavens sake, do some soul searching. You don’t want to build a country then lose it.

    With that I bid you goodnight.

    1. Asher in Austin

      Funny. I’ve never had a supporter of Israel’s right to exist describe somebody as a Zio Terror Supporter before, unless you’re talking about the Kach movement, or Yigal Amir’s or Baruch Goldstein’s family (a bit redundant, I know). But I’ll give you the benefit of doubt if you answer me the following question:

      Are you in support of any of the 3 states offered to the Palestinians since 2000?

      Personally, I think the Bush II years were of catastrophic proportions. Yes, to me he was Nostradamus’ Village Idiot appointed as leader of the free world. The child of a former leader who presided during the outbreak of the 3rd World War. In other words, I’m with you in speaking about conspiracies and world changing events.

      But you win NOTHING by calling Israel’s presence an Occupation. Occupying what and of whom? West Bank, where there has been more peace and economic development over the past 10 years (post-Jenin) than they ever had during Jordan’s illegal reign over the territory? (An Occupation, by the way.) Or are you speaking of Gaza, where no Jew has lived for roughly 7 years, whose embargo dwarfs in comparison to the American embargo on Cuba (brought to us, btw, in response to Castro rejecting American casinos in Havana).

      Blah blah blah blah blah blah Israel Israel Israel blah blah blah blah blah

      You are hardly interested in peace or bettering the planet. Let that be understood, Bro.

    2. “As I said, I support Israel,…”

      We don’t need support from the likes of you. Your ravings about AIPAC and how Zionists led America to Iraq are the bread and butter of the dung beetles of Stormfront.

      “…extend the same freedom, and dignity that you think is Israel’s right to the Palestinians,…”

      The Jews are the only true Palestinians; Arab settler-colonists have no right to any part of the Land of Israel, and must evacuate their stolen lands for the sake of a just and viable peace in the Middle East. To support them is to support colonial injustice and imperialist aggression.

      “I only support Israel within 48 borders if it ends the occupation, otherwise I favour military action against Israel. The UN should impose a solution by sending troops. That would be good for Israel, and for Palestine, and for the world at large.”

      Advocacy of international meddling in its purest, most unvarnished form! And you DARE to accuse “Zionists” of pushing other countries to war! This is a textbook example of chutzpah.

      “I have Jewish friends,…”

      Some of your best friends, yeah.

      “For heavens sake, do some soul searching.”

      Search all I might, I could never find your soul.

      You are internationalist, interventionist, pro-Islamic appeasing scum. Your type is exactly the type of Israel’s worst enemies: The two-headed vulture of Jew-murdering Islamic imperialism tied up with Jew-murder-justifying Marxist treason. It would be good for Israel, for Britain, for the United States and for the world at large to criminalize your political activities. Sedition is your game wherever you reside.

  9. BTW, interesting to read about how Ahmed escaped a longer prison term, and how he started as a fishmonger before achieving political power through the Labour Party, which used to be home to the loathsome George Galloway.

  10. What you were asked was Israel-hating sources you relied upon. You were not accused of being a Jew-hater, but it is greatly reassuring to learn from you that you have some Jewish friends who share your Leftist views, so you must not be a “racialist” antisemite, just a “political” one.

    (The ’48 “borders” to which you allude, and would have Israel return, were not agreed upon borders, but rather the cease-fire lines after the Arab war of aggression against the nascent Jewish state was halted for the time being.

    And any thoughts about the love that their fellow Arabs have shown the Palestinians over the course of the past 65 or so years, and are now showing those fleeing Syria in the face of the slaughter going on there?)

  11. Asher in Austin

    Some fun facts about Pakistan:

    Created in 1948
    Involves disputed territory with her neighbors (Kasmir)
    Has nuclear weapons

    Of course, Pakistan is a legitimate country, with leaders who should be trusted, and would never, ever hide a terrorist for 7-10 years from their allies, the United States of America….

    Ooops. My bad on the last note.

  12. “If that is your definition of an Islamist, madam, I am an Islamist.” – Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon

    PLEEEEESE! That’s Lord Ahmad of Rotherham. Load Ahmad of Wimbledon is a completely different guy, an Ahmadi Muslim..you know the ones that get persecuted by the ilk of the Lord Ahmad of Rotherham.

  13. The first of those, and the subject of this thread, is Nazir A-h-m-e-d, not A-h-m-a-d, that being the correct spelling of the second person’s name. Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon, also a lord of the realm and of Pakistani origin, is a very different person. Nazir Ahmed who started out as a fishmonger before achieving political power as a Labour member of Parliament, is the terrorist sympathizer; Tariq Ahmad, a businessman and member ofthe Conservative Party, is a from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a group regarded by many other Pakistani Muslims as heretics and seriously persecuted by them. The Ahmadis aren’t among the Muslims to worry about.

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