Real Heroes And Real Martyrs

Barry Rubin has put up a powerful piece marking today’s Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) for Israel’s fallen soldiers and those killed at the hands of terrorists. Read the whole thing but the sentiment at the end is what matters.

I thought exactly the same thing watching last nights big ceremony: not one mention of our enemies, not one moment of hatred, no triumph or any desire to continue this slaughter. Just the most powerful desire that this be the LAST time we add to the list of names, even though we know it will not.

In all of this and throughout the nation on this day, there was not a word of hatred, of reviling any enemy. No smugness of triumph, no desire for conquest; no thirst for revenge or punishment. Thus behaves the world’s most slandered nation.

via RubinReports: Seated Among the Heroes and Watching the Faces of the Martyrs.

6 thoughts on “Real Heroes And Real Martyrs”

  1. I have a simple English understanding problem:
    Everything up to “Thus behaves the world’s most slandered nation.” I get, just that last sentence…
    Even though I’ve been speaking English since I’m 12 and also with many relatives and at work, I just can’t understand it.
    Is this here meant in a good or bad way?
    Thanks for clarifying.

    1. He means Israel is hated and it’s IDF painted as evil monsters who kill and bomb for fun. Those are the slanders thrown at Israel.

      And here we are commemorating all our wars, dead and wounded and we never once talk about who did this to us or express any joy at how many we’ve killed defending ourselves.

      This is how Israel, the world’s most slandered nation, behaves.

      1. ok, so in my first thoughts I was right. Like: “you see we don’t give out candy or shoot in the air, when palestinians are killed”
        Just one thing we Jews don’t get, not even after 2000 years of exodus: Whatever we’re going to do, the goyim are going to hate us. If withdraw, if we attack, etc. Only if we loose or many Jews get killed, and yes Jews, not Israelis, only then they can say: “see we told you”. Until then it’s only us to blame. (actually the Gemara says this, but it’s not for them to know)
        I think in a future war, G-d forbid, all Jews around the entire globe will be affected and not just the ones living in Israel. (we saw that slightly during the last war in Gaza)

            1. I’m not talking about me, silly. I’m talking about the modern state of Israel, which just turned 64 an hour or so ago. I must say, you don’t look a day over 50. It must be true what they say about those salt water mud baths being the fountain of youth. Happy birthday to all you Israelis. May you have 2,000 more.

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