From the country that brought us Antisemitic Railway Employee comes Antisemitic Foreign Aggressor of Immigrant Origin (hat tip: Chanan)

[crummy autotranslation warning]

A bus carrying schoolchildren Antwerp Tuesday night was the victim of a foreign aggressor in Charleroi.  A class to 31 Jewish students had just returned from a trip to Venice when they were picked up by their bus to the Charleroi airport.

An unknown man of immigrant origin took place in their bus and began shouting anti-Semitic slogans, eyewitnesses said. When the Jewish driver explained to him that this was a private vehicle and the man kindly asked to leave the vehicle went wrong. When the man forced the bus driver to leave, he tried to get back on the vehicle and the situation became violent. The unknown onfortuinelijke injuring the bus driver who thereby also broke his glasses.  The students managed to photograph and video of the incident to make.

“Immigrant of unknown origin” and the like are usually code for “Muslim.”

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see the Jewish bus driver fought back.

But seriously, get the hell out of there and move to Israel.

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