Latest Blood Libel: The Hunger Games Edition


Pro-American Arab blogger Omar Dakhane, who had made a name for himself debunking lies such as this propagated by pro palestinians, is back at it, this time tackling the following photo:

It has been disseminated across Facebook and other social media sites, and is said to show an emaciated palestinian prisoner, in order to highlight the plight of the hunger striking “prisoners.”

As Omar posts:

But the fact is that this person is a Moroccan prisoner named “Azzedine al-Rouissi.” It’s strange how no one cares when pictures like this emerge from Arab countries, but when it’s falsely associated with the Palestinians, suddenly everyone cares. Isn’t the Moroccan citizen a human too, or does helping Moroccan victims not as profitable as supporting the other “cause”?

Here’s confirmation (from a pro palestinian source) that the man is Moroccan.

And here’s a video showing him.

For the Arabically-challenged amongst us, you can run the Youtube page through Google translate to see further proof he is Moroccan.

So once again, we have an example of pro palestinians showing contempt for the truth, in order to further their agenda of demonizing – and ultimately destroying – the Jewish state.

I should point out that disregarding the issue of the man’s real identity, supporters of the hunger strikers also fail to mention the fact they include Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

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