Move Over Pigs – Zionists In Space


Here’s an interesting article about the Israeli space program: what it’s achieved and how small the budget has been compared to giants like NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency).

Israel’s Science Minister on Space Technology–for Peaceful and Militaristic Aims | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network.

But Hershkowitz notes that his nation takes the overall enterprise of scientific research quite seriously. Israel leads the world in terms of percentage of GDP spent on research and development, and he notes that by some criteria its space program is fairly advanced:

In fact, nowadays Israel belongs to the very exclusive club of about 10 countries in the world that have all capabilities in space. When we say all, I mean producing satellites, both the bus and the payload, launching them and communicating with them. There are only about 10 such states in the world, and Israel belongs to that exclusive club.

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