Madonna And The Nazi Imagery


Apparently Madonna’s recent Tel Aviv concert contained more than singing and preaching about peace.

Like montages with Madonna looking like Adolf Hitler and sporting a swastika on her forehead.

Madonna used Nazi imagery, including swastikas and Adolf Hitler, during a video interlude at her concert in Israel on Thursday.

The visuals were among a series of symbols, photos and clips projected on screens to accompany the singer’s song “Nobody Knows Me.”

At one moment in the montage, Madonna is wearing Hitler’s mustache and a swastika on her forehead.

Also seen are the Iron Crosses used in Nazi Germany.

The Nazi section comes amid a flurry of other images of violence, war, political protests, and other highly-charged visuals.

However, the decision to put Nazi imagery — on giant screens – in Israel is sparking controversy, with many commentators saying it should not have been included, regardless of the context or message.

Given this is the first I heard about it, I am guessing Israelis were not generally offended by this.

And I’m sure she had a point.

Or two.

Update: Some were offended by the Nazi imagery.

Meanwhile, France’s far-right party Front National said it plans to sue Madonna for displaying an image of party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead, Radio France Internationale reported Saturday. The image appeared on a backdrop behind Madonna as she sang “Nobody Knows Me” at the Tel Aviv concert.

“We’ll make money with the case we’re going to bring,” a party source, whose name was not reported, told French newspaper 20 Minutes.

Let’s examine the claim. I took the following sequential screenshots from the video:

And here’s a photo of Marine Le Pen:

The swastika seems to be on Madonna’s forehead, but she then seems to morph into someone who looks a lot like Marine Le Pen.


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