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Netanyahu’s Slippery Slope

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu participated in a soccer match with Jewish and Arab youths.

Unfortunately for him, things did not exactly go according to plan.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu injured his leg on Monday during a soccer match with Jewish and Arab youths. Following the game, Netanyahu was taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Har Hatzofim medical center, where doctors confirmed he had torn a tendon and his leg needed to be put in a cast for several weeks.

Netanyahu’s physicians confirmed that he had been injured

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, during the soccer match, Netanyahu “slipped on the grass, got up, continued to play and scored a goal.”

I love how the PMO admits he hurt himself, but feels the need to add the fact he courageously played on and even scored a goal.

Meanwhile, judging by some of the photos from the event, I’m guessing Netanyahu either slipped over the ball..

Netanyahu Football
Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO

..or was tripped by one of the other players

Netanyahu Football
Courtesy: Facebook page for Binyamin Netanyahu

Operation Cast Lead Leg?

Update: Straight from the douche’s mouth:

21 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Slippery Slope”

  1. The picture of the “trip” is just a trick of perspective, the shadows on the ground show that they are pretty far apart.

      1. Jim from Iowa

        I started a joke that started the whole world laughing…NOT! This is how nutty conspiracy theories get started.

        1. “This is how nutty conspiracy theories get started.”

          As long as you blame the nutters for taking jokes as their basis for their conspiracy theories, that’s fine. Once you say it means people have to watch every word they say, that’s a slippery slope into Political Correctness.

          If I make an April Fool’s post about a famous English poet having been a Muslim, saying how his name was originally Sheikh Speare, you can bet your bottom dollar it’d appear a little later on a gazillion Muslim websites in all seriosity. Does that mean such satire needs to be withheld? No way. The fact that those nutters are humor-impaired doesn’t mean everyone else should cater to their craziness.

          1. “Sheikh Speare” — good one, ziontruth. Clever word play with just a hint of Islamophobia thrown in for good measure.

            1. “…just a hint of Islamophobia…”

              It’s not Islamophobia but Islamoawareness. Forgot about the Danish Cartoon Riots already?

                1. “Those were some nutty rioters.”

                  Agreed, if we acknowledge that “some” in this case = thousands of Muslims all over the world, egged on by their clerics in their Friday sermons. This nuttiness is shared by masses of people.

                    1. Does MEMRI ever make TV clips that show how native Palestinians were robbed and expelled? Does it ever make TV clips of the Pharsee Rabbis that call for the killing of the goyim? Does it make video clips of Christian Israeli Messianics and the persecution they suffer?

              1. Ziontruth,If you call this Islamoawareness I’d be more concerned about ‘Israel Awareness’ if I were you. There is a more legitimate case for that, when you consider that Israel, the apartheid state, looted, murdered and killed natives, discriminates against Christian and Moslem Arabs, while stealing land belonging to Palestinians. The genocidal Rabbis are just as Christianphobic and Islamophobic as your bosnian preacher TV clip.

                1. I’m going to assume that you are ignorant rather than intentionally antisemitic and inflammatory. Does your narrative change when you consider that the Jewish nation are the natives? We have been saying “next year in Jerusalem” for some 3000 years, in the same language, all over the world. We have been doing this since before they called it Al Quads, before there was British Mandate of Palestine, or any of the states of the Middle East. All over the world, we face towards the Western wall in prayer. They face away from it (and away from Al Aqsa mosque). Do the American Indians, Aborigines, Maoris not have the right to their holy sites. Does giving them rights to return as the original inhabitants make them occupiers?
                  Consider that the Jewish nation accepted to have Israel established as their national homeland despite that it would not include the pinnacle of the holy symbol of their religion and their national aspiration for centuries. They accepted just to be near it, despite that the Arabs did not allow them access to it. They did not wage attacks to regain it. However, after 3 wars waged against them, with the expressed purpose of complete extermination, once they defended it, in war, they have claimed it. It took 3 wars, waged by all her neighbours, in the name of the religion of peace. Even now, both Hamas and (the moderate) PA raise their children on maps showing Palestine instead of Israel, not alongside it. Even now selling land to a Jew is punishable by death. Palestenians who express the desire to co-exist are termed collaborators and guess what happens to them. If you’re so fond of the apartheid trope, fine, but in that scenario, it’s the
                  Arabs who are the Afrikaner “whites”. How else do you explain that the proposed Palestenian state is planned to be “Judenreit”.

                2. “Does MEMRI ever make TV clips that show how native Palestinians were robbed and expelled?”

                  Do a search for videos of the expulsion of all Palestinians from the Gaza region in August 2005 to make room for Arab settler-colonists.

                  “Israel … looted, murdered and killed natives,…”

                  No natives in Palestine except the Jews. The falsely-called “Palestinians” are Arab settler-colonist invaders who have no legitimate claim to this land. They are part of the Arab nation, whose indigenous territory is the Arabian Peninsula, possesses far more beyond that, yet still covet the tiny sliver of land belonging to the one and only true Palestinian nation, the Jewish nation. You are a supporter of imperialist injustice.

                  And it’s none of your business what happens in this region. Kindly unpoke your nose from affairs that are no concern of yours, anti-Zionist scum!

    1. It depends on your definition of world peace. There have been more women killed by their own families in honor killings, and Muslims executed for the crime of “blasphemy” or converting to another religion, than the number of Palestenians killed in the Palestenian – Israel conflict. Do you think flying aero planes into buildings is promoting world peace? What about shooting your citizens for demonstrating? I suppose if Netaniahu is hampering peace, Gaddafi, Assad etc are the embassadors of peace?

    2. “Netanyahu is a menace to world peace.”

      If he goes the path of conceding Jewish lands to the Arab imperialists, then I can only agree with you.

      (Yes, I know what meaning this waste of oxygen intended here.)

  2. I know that many people on this site will disagree with me. But Netanyahu is in my opinion one of the greatest world leaders of our time. I have a great admiration for him as a person and as a politician.

    Greetings from a non-Jewish supporter of Israel!

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