A Little #Tomorrow12 Link Love

Both Aussie Dave and I attended the Israeli President’s conference in Jerusalem last week. As ever with this kind of dawn till dusk affair, it takes a little while before the bloggers pieces come out. On top of the deluge of tweets, I’ve written one post.

Here are a few links I’ve looked at with various thoughts from the show.

I travelled up and down to Jerusalem with @FloGoLightly every day and she claims she was not bored by my droning on about Better Place. I’m sceptical. She is also sceptical about the state of Jewish Philanthropy and you can read about that here: @FloGoLightly: The Yesterday of Jewish Philanthropy.

@RealJerusalemStreets: Reflections on Tomorrow

For a humorous look at the conference, head here: The Big Felafel: The future of Israel according to the Israeli Presidential Conference 2012.

Hadassah Levy @cr8community: Presidential Conference: Best Lessons and Biggest Disappointments has a nice roundup of blogger thoughts.

I was very pleased to me @ASoldiersMother who has made numerous good posts about the conference. This post about Ayan Hirsi Ali is a good one to start with.

I met many others and there are tons of worthy posts that I don’t have time to highlight so don’t shoot me if I missed you!




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