Ramadan Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Warning: Might distress some readers.

Searching for scraps
The gent on the left hasn’t eaten in days
Zionist occupied coriander?
Gazans commiserating with each other over their unbearable suffering
A cell phone? Must have been smuggled in
An undernourished boy contemplates the hell that is Gaza
Another undernourished specimen on what must be another smuggled-in cell phone
A cramped car for cramped Gaza
Ironic Shirt of The Day award goes to..
The ones who are *really* imprisoned in Gaza

More scenes of suffering here.

Hat tip: Judge Dan

13 thoughts on “Ramadan Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza”

  1. People starving in Gaza! Get Goerge to send more supplies!!!

    It’s shocking that the world falls for their propaganda claptrap when there are truly so many hungry people in the world. Try Malawi for starters.

    1. “It’s shocking that the world falls for their propaganda claptrap…”

      That boat set sail long ago… the moment the world decided the non-Jewish “Palestinian” “nation”—unseen, unheard of in any mainstream publication before 1960—was a real nation living in the Land of Israel “from time immemorial.” All the rest is just embellishment.

      “…when there are truly so many hungry people in the world. Try Malawi for starters.”

      No go. Marxists (the ones in charge of most of the media outlets worldwide) only “care” about black people when the prospect of undermining their hated arch-enemy, the capitalist West, is to be had in the bargain. Humanitarian altruism never figured into it, it’s always been a masquerade.

      1. Jim from Iowa

        Holy mackerel, ziontruth! We’s all got to stick together in dis thing…remember, we is brothers in that great fraternity, the Mystic Knights of the Sea!

    1. ROTFL. I had to retranslate it to make sense of it. The original must have been something like this: “There’s little time left. When the Muslims are strong again, they’ll screw you. This time nobody will stand cover for your security. Wait till you get it and you’ll understand.”

      Courtesy of Artificial Stupidity, the translation got us “small time,” a literal screw (the one you apply a screwdriver to), “this time nobody will…” translated to “This is the time, the body won’t…” and the rest I wasn’t so sure myself what the original was.

      I’m telling you, HAL is just around the corner!

  2. I completely agree with the point that is being made here, as I think that Israel sends immense amounts of aid into Gaza, while Hamas often rejects the aid, uses it for terrorist purposes, and launches rockets into Israel to terrorize and attempt to kill Israel’s civilians. However, the constant usage of the term concentration camp here bothers me. Although the intentional irony in the term combined with the pictures may be an effective way to portray the statement, I feel that there are many other effective ways to portray this statement without the usage of the term mentioned above, which I feel is making a mockery of the suffering of all of the victims of concentration camps in the Holocaust. Regardless of whether using the term concentration camp is effective in this context, I ask that an attempt be made to find another option that does not turn a term with such a deep connection to suffering and death into a tool for political gain.

    1. Um… it’s the Arabs and their leftist terrorism supporters who keep using the term. That’s the point here.

    2. Jim from Iowa

      I know what you mean, Barry. Folks are starting to refer to him as “Concentration Camp AussieDave.”

    3. You completely missed the point then. I am making a mockery of those who refer to Gaza as a concentration camp. And as my traffic stats show, it IS an effective way to get the message across.

  3. Here’s a thought,

    how about a mixed bag of photos?

    Post Israeli Air-Strike, 09:



    You know what, check it out this this blog post, just for the sake of contrasting what those people looked like circa 2009:


    Are you really trying to make a mockery of the mere fact that they have food to eat? What is the end game, mocking them for having rebuilt from the wreckage? Trying to make them feel bad for having olives to snack on? Really? Should they live like natives in the Amazon jungle picking worms out of the ground in order to seem “legit” to you? Do they have to be emaciated to deserve sympathy? Ridiculous.

    This is literally the most vile thing I’ve seen in a while. I thought your stuff was mildly amusing until this. Terrible.

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