The Inmate Insemination

Remember the palestinian whose wife became pregnant, supposedly via remote impregnation?

Well, she’s got male.

Ammar al-Zein became a father for the third time on Monday, even though he has been jailed in Israel for 15 years.

Al-Zein’s wife Dalal Rabayaa, 31, gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.8 kg at the Razan Medical Center in Nablus. The proud parents named their son Muhannad after a friend of Ammar’s who was killed by Israeli forces, she told Ma’an.

Muhannad was conceived at the Razan clinic by IVF using sperm smuggled from her jailed husband.

“My husband managed to smuggle his sperm from prison about three years ago, and we managed to keep it until I finally gave birth to Muhannad,” Dalal said. She declined to give details of how the sperm was smuggled, citing security concerns.

I’d surmise to say that Muhannad was less likely named after a friend of Ammar’s who was killed by Israeli forces, and more likely named after a friend of Ammar’s who will be killed if Ammar ever gets out of prison.

7 thoughts on “The Inmate Insemination”

    1. Ditto. This is a betrayal of the Jewish State’s duty of safeguarding the Land of Israel for the Jewish nation. The Arab colonists illegally squatting on our one and only land in the world should be forced to leave, not allowed to multiply.

  1. Zionist Killer Bee

    Because women who cheat on their imprisoned boyfriends has never happened before in the history of people?

  2. Sophisticated Palestinians are able to freeze sperm using liquid nitrogen and then use it 3 years later? I’m so sure!!

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