Now THIS Is Tikun Olam


UPDATE 9/9/12: The full, hilariously stupid, truth has been exclusively revealed in this Israellycool post!

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has been having website difficulties recently (e-webtile dysfunction if you will), and now it looks like he repented in time for Rosh Hashana someone has hacked his page.

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At first, I thought his domain had expired and someone else snapped it up, but according to El Doucherino himself:

Perhaps his “anonymous source” knows who’s behind it.

No doubt the Mossad or a “hasbarita.”

Update: He’s lost at least one fan:

Salma from Palestine says:
September 7, 2012 at 2:43 pm
I love your site Richard but i will NEVER come back after seeing this filth. I always knew you were a hoax!


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