Jonathan Pollard 10,001 Days

Last night there was a rally protesting Jonathan Pollard’s 10,000 days in US prison. It was held in front of the hotel where US Secretary of State John Kerry is staying.

I protested–I did not attend or to try to take photos.

I did a whole photo essay on the last Free Pollard rally on the eve of Barak Obama’s visit here on IsraellyCool.

Free Pollard photo, Natan Sharansky speaking

Natan Sharansky spoke at that Free Pollard rally.

Jonathan Pollard protest rally photo

There were cute, smiling girls.

protest sign for Pollard in English

Protest signs written in English.

Banners and crowd for Pollard rally

A crowd so large that streets were closed. Buses and all traffic were diverted.

News worthy enough to miss a good party with free food and important networking?

Nope, seems I was wrong, very wrong.

In Israel, where these days it seems that news is determined by and on Facebook pages,

I made a really big mistake, by the numbers, for example:

A photo of the street sign for Kaf Tet November Street has a viral # of 2,500.

View of Knesset in sandstorm

This photo is of the Knesset Building in the sandstorm that grounded Barak Obama’s helicopter and caused traffic nightmares on the day he left Jerusalem.

On Facebook, it has a viral # of 2000.

Electric car photo

Ok, Brian of London in his electric car is not as high a viral number,

but photos of Free Jonathan Pollard rally posted on Facebook were viral = 0

zero, zip, nada, nothing!

Even the Prime Minister’s favorite ice cream photos did better than that!

Maybe that shows why Jonathan Pollard is now serving day 10,001.


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