Jerusalem Railway Station Opening Night


After years of decline and neglect, a new tourist area is being developed in Jerusalem

Old Train Station in Jerusalem image

at the site of the Old Jerusalem Railway Station.

photo Jerusalem train station renovated

Though there is still much work to be done, the gala launch was held and the old building was lit up, looking great after its major face lift.

Walking away towards the city, I had to stop and take a photo.

Railway track with sign

As usual, gotta love the English translation of Israeli signs!

Check this one out, placed on the old tracks at the end of the railway line,

“Coat On!  Trucks Crossing.”

It did rain briefly as the night started,

but I assume this was a warning to watch out for large trucks during construction.

At least someone got smart and removed this sign from the busy street corner where it had been posted before all the guests arrived to the party.

I have no idea how it ended up on the tracks,  just wonder where it will end up next?


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