Richard Silverstein Puts His Foot In It


Anti-Israel blogger and self-confessed “expert” on all things Middle East, Richard Silverstein, decided to mock Israelis tweeting about International Hummus Day. In the process, he has provided us with some more comedy gold and solidified his credentials as an ignoramus of the highest order.

I think the following exchange on Twitter speaks for itself.




Oops! I guess Silverstein’s secret source didn’t educate him on this secret sauce.

But believe it or not, Silverstein shows even more ignorance of Israel, not to mention a complete lack of awareness of sarcasm (despite trying to regularly use it himself)








I am beginning to think Silverstein is likely a Zionist ‘plant’, an actor hired to make the anti-Israel crowd look even worse than they already do.

I mean, can someone this ignorant and laughable yet self-important be for real?

(hat tip: Gary)

Update:  From Judge Dan:


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