Comedy Gold! A Review Of Comedy For Koby Featuring Elon Gold

koby show After filling up on beer and steak – heck, I needed my meat fix after living off the cliched bachelor meal of frozen pizza for the past week (Mrs Aussie Dave is away in La La land) – I was in an extremely good mood for last night’s Comedy for Koby show featuring American Jewish comedian Elon Gold.

Before the show, I managed to bribe my friend Jeremy, who helped organize the show, with a promise to post a review (which you are of course now reading) in exchange for meeting Elon pre-show. I found Elon and fellow comedian Avi Liberman backstage and introduced myself. The evening’s first comedic moment for me occurred when I went to shake Avi’s hand just as Elon extended his to shake mine. It was one of those awkward “Should I just leave my hand out for this stranger who seems to be ignoring me” moments for Elon, but he had the grace to joke about it as I

elon and company

Avi Liberman (second from left) and Elon Gold (right) with a couple of weird fans backstage

thought of the absurdity of the notion of me ignoring  a talent such as him, albeit inadvertently. Especially one I had requested to meet. After speaking for a decent number of minutes, Elon excused himself to prepare for his act. This consisted of him assuming a stance of concentration in the corner, while I continued to speak with Avi. When I asked Elon if I should leave since I might be disturbing him, he said “Not at all.” A nice guy with a really, really good ability to concentrate!

As for the show, it was hilarious. Avi Liberman opened, and was his usual very funny self, serving as a great introduction to an Elon Gold set that quite simply rocked.

You could tell Elon enjoyed playing to the Jewish crowd – he actually said on a number of occasions what a pleasure it was to be performing for “my people.” And the feeling was very mutual, judging by the amount of laughter in the room. He seemed to effortlessly bound through the material, mostly dealing with Jews, Judaism and Israel, but also containing some less Jewish material – including this classic routine.

Here is one of my favorite bits from the show, which only a Jewish comedian like Elon could get away with.

After the hilarious one-hour long set, Elon graciously answered some questions from the crowd, including one regarding what it was like to be in Israel again after 30 years. At this point, Elon got emotional and seemed to cry as he described the feeling of walking through the old city of Jerusalem.

It was the only time of the show there were tears in the room not involving laughter. But it somehow was a fitting end to what was an amazing show.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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