Cool Israeli Tech You BDSHoles Can’t Have


Mashable – one of the most popular and widely shared tech sites on the internet – has just published a list of the “20 Hottest Startups in Israel“. Its an interesting list. Lots of great apps, services and products that I have heard of (some of which I had no idea were Israeli) and some I am looking forward to now checking out.

Some select examples:

1. Get Taxi – (one I’ve heard about and knew was Israeli) Deservedly number 1 on the list. I LOVE this app. I have used it to get around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Basically they have managed to really shake up the Taxi business by providing a superior – and of course tech savy – approach to ordering a taxi via a nifty smartphone app and using GPS to let you know how long before your cab arrives. But more than that, they have actually created a superior business model for the taxi drivers themselves and they are threatening to put a lot of old taxi stations out of business.

4. Fiverr – (one I’ve heard about but didn’t know was Israeli) A very cool marketplace where people offer all kinds of weird services and products for $5 (i.e. “a fiver”). You have to go check it out to understand what kind of crazy stuff you can buy (or sell) there.

7. TireCheck – (one I’ve heard about, thought was a joke and had no idea was Israeli) Apparently this app can check your tyre pressure by taking a picture of your tyre. Go figure!

9. EatWith – (one I know personally since I use them at work) Next time you’re on vacation, how about having an authentic home cooked local cuisine meal in a local’s home? EatWith is like AirBNB for food.

Anyway, go check out the whole list. I guarantee you will download or utilize the products or services of at least 3 of the companies listed there. Unless you’re a BDSHole. In that case you’re more than welcome to enjoy the great tech being produced by the Iranians and Syrians.


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