ToI’s Beavis And Butt-head Moment

The Times of Israel has a curious story up on their news pages (not a blog posting, a real live news story). We generally like The Times of Israel here at Israellycool but we’re not shy about voicing criticism even while a few of our contributors blog there.

I think we can all agree the chances of Bibi Netanyahu personally operating his own twitter account rank somewhere even with the chance of peace breaking out as the clock strikes 13 tomorrow.

To the great amusement of Iranians on social media, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Twitter feed briefly followed an Iranian sex site before unsubscribing Sunday morning, some seven hours after The Times of Israel broke the story.

As of 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, @Netanyahu, the prime minister’s verified Twitter account, followed some 90 users on the social media network, the overwhelming majority of which were Israeli embassies and government accounts.

Here’s the PersianHotBook “Sex/Porn” account Netanyahu’s twitter account followed very briefly.

Persian Hot Book twitter account persianhotbook screen shot 550

Let’s remember this account is not run by the Prime Minister’s office but by the Likud party.

To “follow” an account on twitter is not to endorse it. It’s not even necessary to follow someone to see what they’re writing. Following is as easy as clicking on a button, when using an iPhone, for example, it’s fairly easy to do this inadvertently.

So following and unfollowing an account is really insignificant.

And the content of this unknown account with almost no followers? “Sex feed” (as their headline now says) or even “porn feed” as the URL shows what they were first thinking? It looks more like some kind of sex education to me. As far as I can see they’re putting up anatomical diagrams of the female reproductive organs (or is that a shark’s brain, so hard to tell).

Sharks brain


This just makes everyone involved look dumb: even Max Blumenthal seems to have noticed the difference between porn and sex (I guess we all know it when we see it).

Video footage from Iran's state-run English language Press TV showing the monkey that was launched into space

Come on Times of Israel: leave this kind of stuff to the blogs. Iran is not a laughing matter at the moment, if you have serious news, publish it. If you’re trying to get a Likud intern fired for a late night errant click, own up.

Otherwise start your own blog for this kind of thing or send us tip: we’ll put it up where it belongs, alongside our picture of Iran’s next space monkey.

We also covered the Iranian Jeans comment. Of course the Iranians are wearing blue jeans while being mercilessly beaten by their tyrannical regime! And we all know the new “reformist” President has a history with jeans!

Rouhani Jeans



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