Gilad Atzmon: Ali Abunimah Asked Me To Lie

Following on from Brian’s posts about MJ Rosenberg’s evisceration of Ali “Abumination” Abunimah, Abunimah has reacted to Rosenberg’s allegation by heading into full Twitter meltdown mode.





Meanwhile, things have gone from bad to worse for him. Fellow Israel hater Gild Atzmon has this to say:

atzmon screenshot


M.J. Rosenberg is wrong this time; Ali Abunimah is not an antisemite, he is just dishonest/stupid. Abunimah calls Israelis Zionists because he needs the so called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists to support his operation. The last time i communicated with Ali Abunimah he wrote to me, ‘Just refer to Zionism instead of Jewish identity and everything would be fine’. He basically asked me to lie.. I obviously refused…

What is interesting about Atzmon’s allegation – besides the obvious point about Abunimah’s dishonesty – is how Atzmon still does not think this points to antisemitism. Yet if true, it really does seem to indicate that Abunimah has a problem with Jews, but uses linguistics to try obfuscate it.

Atzmon’s comments cannot be taken at face value, since he and Abunimah seem to hold a great animus towards each other, perhaps caused by the former’s disavowal of what he calls Atzmon’s antisemitism. Plus Atzmon himself is hardly a reliable person.

Nevertheless, I will be grabbing more popcorn and awaiting Abunimah’s response.

8 thoughts on “Gilad Atzmon: Ali Abunimah Asked Me To Lie”

  1. both ali and maxxie called out gilad as an anti semite

    there is frustration within the movement

    i would like to see a cage match

    1. MohammedTheTeddyBear

      “i would like to see a cage match”

      All of them enter…….NONE of them leave!

      All of them enter…….NONE of them leave!

      All of them enter…….NONE of them leave!


  2. E Pluribus Beagle

    They should all of them be set on fire. In protest for something or other like the peaceful peace loving people of peace they are. Call it the new saffron flaming Buddhist experience.

  3. Ali Abunimah defended Helen Thomas’ remarks to the bitter end. So if Abunimah is looking for evidence of his own antisemitism, he needn’t look any further.

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