Reader Post: Pantry Packers Tourist Attraction

Pantry Packers® introduces a bold new concept called Tikkun Olam Tourism® – an exciting 90 minute hands-on opportunity for overseas tourists to pack commodity food staples for Israel’s poorest families.

At the Pantry Packers® production facility in Jerusalem, tourists aged 8-80 are given a brief orientation session that includes watching a short movie, before donning gloves, aprons and caps in order to fill bags of rice, beans and other commodities. These bags, which bear a sticker with the name of the packing group, will later be included in large food baskets destined for needy families throughout the country.
Watch here the video

Program participation – which is designed for groups and is free of charge – must be scheduled in advance.

More information and registration:; 972 2-626-0035


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