How To Deal With BDSHoles (Updated)


Props to the quick thinking person who posted this note on the Apple computer belonging to a BDSHole at Oxford.

bds fail

Hat tip: Moshe

Update: I believe this just might be the BDSHole responding to Ed Klinger, the note-leaver:

Hugh Jeffery Cool. Let’s negotiate the transfer whilst I steadily pile my books on your desk and refuse to remove them.

Also Apple owns Anobit, so although it may be based in Israel it’s not quite so clear cut. It’s not like Microsoft employ nobody in Israel, and I kinda need a word processor/the internet. If I were to be super pedantic about it I’d probably not be able to use any laptop. I think we all realise when you buy products like this they’re going to have components from pretty much everywhere. Way to trivialise an important cause through ridiculous #everydaypedantry.


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