“Concentration Camp” Gaza Now Manufacturing Its Own Cars

Welcome to Gaza, the world’s only “concentration camp” which¬†manufactures its own cars.

[crappy autotranslation follows]

Eng Maher Halawa – Director Forums mechanical in the Directorate of Training Gaza – that students at the Vocational College were able to manufacture a Palestinian car and cheaply. said from the beginning of the idea and implementation – according to the site minimum home -: “The idea was generated in 2011, and the idea was that we train students In our teaching on the training curricula on skills, in the sense that the student each adequacy enough mastered moves on to the adequacy of others, and here we have made ??include students in the sections which sections plumbing cars and car painting and car mechanic, electricity, cars, and this cooperation we thought it and plan to have cooperated combined exercises that come the subject of obtaining admiration of all. ” And that training and cooperation culminated successfully in the output of a car manufactured in Palestine in the hands of Palestinian, after training, effort and determination to complete this project, which may evolve more. added sweetness: “The car did not make full here, but the body of the car completely is the work of Students, an industry full Palestinian, but below that of the engine and the engine room was one of the shops spare parts. ” and went on: “But the idea that the car industry Palestinian and assembly of a Palestinian at a very simple ranging between 4 to 5 thousand dollars.” If you like vehicles and want to save money on them, have a look at this deal for vauxhall mokka spare. and negotiate the best possible price.







More photos here.

The cars seem to be based on the Subaru Brumby (1981-1989):


I am not sure why Gazans would be manufacturing their own cars since it is not like there is a shortage or anything.

Perhaps they wanted a cheap alternative to the BMWs. (hat tip: Judge Dan)


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