Families Cannot Forget, Let Us Remember


It is a year since Operation Pillar of Defense.

It is a year since a young family was wiped out for the crime of

photo damage Gaza rocket, image destroyed home, rocket attack photo

sitting in their living room.

A rocket from Gaza blew out the entire outside wall of their apartment,

image Gaza terror, photo mourning signs. picture death from terror

killing Yitzhak Amsellem,

picture rocket damage, Image Gaza rocket, photo destruction

taking two other young lives and destroying the entire contents of their home.

image terror, picture ruin by rocket from Gaza, photo rocket damage

Shrapnel from the blast pierced metal.

photo Kiryat Malachi damage, rocket damage from Gaza rocket

The neighbors’ homes were damaged,

but already a few days after the bombing, they were replacing windows.

Though Israelis repair quickly and move on after a terror attack,

their families can never forget.

Being in those ruins, I find it hard to forget.

Please let us at least remember the dead once a year.


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