Photo of the Day: Near Jerusalem Central Bus Station


Friends from most of North America are posting pictures on Facebook of very low temperature readings showing how cold it is outside their homes.

I hope they are not too upset that I decided to post a scene from today in sunny Jerusalem, Israel, but remember we had our share of low temperatures and plenty of snow already last month.

Varda wrote about yet another unworthy slam against Israel and ‘The Wall’ – a fictional video drama, and a poorly-made one at that.

Meanwhile, a real scene was developing near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. An Israeli soldier with his rifle slung over his shoulder stood on a busy street corner.

image Palestinian man, Arab and Israel soldier photo, picture of armed  IDF and Palestinain

An Arab man approached him.  What does a trained and armed IDF soldier do….OMG!

Israeli soldier photo, image Israel soldier and Palestinian, picture Israeli  soldier

The soldier pulls out his cell phone.

To check his Twitter or email? He totally ignored the man standing next to him.

Yep, there it is! Stranger than fiction to many!

Both of them stand side by side and wait for the light to change!

Not nearly as dramatic as a fake scripted video.

Sometimes it is down right boring on those Jerusalem, Israel streets.


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