Photo of the Day: Land Day


Land Day or Earth Day, whatever you want to call it,

the day invented to support the poor, poor Israeli Arabs driven off their land.

image Beduin, photo Palestinian, picture Arab house

The Palestinian narrative and PR churning rebranding machine,

will be ramping up sympathy today with strikes and protests.

Images like the one above will be projected in the media.

However, while there are Bedouins grabbing land in the north and south,

and around Jerusalem, Israel, and there are many poor living conditions.

I’m betting the following photos will not hit the air waves in honor of Land Day.

image Palestinian house, photo Arab building, picture Palestinian house

Along the roads through the Shomron, one can find plenty of illegal building.

Look for those black water storage tanks on top of a building.

If you are legal you are on the water grid,

if you are not so kosher, you build a storage water tank in case of water trouble.

image Palestinian houses, Arab village in Israel, picture for Land DAy

Beautiful housing,

image houses in West Bank, Palestinian in West Bank, Israelli oppression picture

and new Arab construction,

image Israelly oppression in West Bank, photo Palestinian houses, picture Palestinian land

with sprawling recently landscaped land, just does not fit the PA narrative.

We have dozens more photos of “poor Arab villages” that do not fit the “ethnic cleansing” narrative, but will save those for the next anti-Israel PR day.

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